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Books, DVDs and Products are available by mail to magicians, performers and other entertainers.

Order items here and pay through PayPal. You may also email or call Jim at (440) 937-5488 with your credit card information. Or, send your request and a check or money order to Jim Kleefeld, 33510 Jennie Road, Avon, Oh 44011 USA. Please check with Jim via email for shiping costs before completing your request. Generally small items are cheap, heavier ones are more, overseas costs are quite high because of high US Post Office fees.


Desired State

Easy Yet Baffling Mind Reading
Developed by Jonathan Kanter & Jim Kleefeld

Have someone choose one of the 50 states in the U.S. for an imaginary visit. Let them name their state mixed in with a dozen other states. You always know which one is their chosen state. Incredibly easy to do, yet mind-bogglingly baffling. The props include postcards, but this is NOT Classic Film Verite - it works on a different principle, so you will fool everyone, even "those in the know." Includes 50 vintage state postcards and full instructions.    Desired State - $40


Christmas Verite

Film Cards for the Holiday Season

Seasonal Special! The same great trick as Classic Film Verite, but with ALL Christmas films and bright Christmas style back design. Perfect for strolling or table-hopping those Christmas Parties and events. Use the set as is, or combine these Christmas films with your other Verite cards. In limited supply, and available for a short time only. Complete with a red cloth Santa Storage Bag.   $37.50


Outer Space Magic

Tricks and Routines for Space Magic Shows

Get ready for 2019 Summer Library Shows with this great new resource full of space magic tricks. 40 Original Tricks & Routines. 145 Jpeg Files. 20-Page Bibliography of Kid’s Space Books. 115 Space Jokes. 40 Space Fonts. 23 Folders Full of Art. 148-Page PDF. 1 Fantastic Bundle of Fun and Magic. PDF file plus tons of art, shipped on a custom flash drive readable on any computer.    $53, flash drive


Outer Space Magic Book

Just the printed book, no art.

This is a printed version of the book. No art, no digital files, no fonts, just the full text, routines and explanations. It is suitable for those who never print and make up tricks, but want some fresh routine ideas.    $45, printed book ONLY


Outer Space Magic Combo Pack

Flash Drive & Printed Book

Get the full pdf book and all computer files on a flash drive, PLUS a printed bound book. For those who still like to handle and read a physical book and also want the art to make the tricks.    $80, printed book and flash drive.


A Second Affair

Novel Mentalism for the Discerning Pro

A book test of extraordinary quality. They choose any one of three book. They open to any page. They choose to concentrate on either words or illustrations. You tell them exactly what they are thinking. No fishing. No outs. No anagrams. No extra props. No lengthy memorization. No force. No crib sheets. You never ask the page number. A Second Affair contains three hardcover Hercule Poirot novels written by Agatha Christie, the world’s best-selling author. All of the books are different with different characters and locations throughout. Each contains a complete novel and can be read from beginning to end without suspicion. These books match those used in The Mysterious Affair, but with different titles and colors. If you missed out on the now-out-of-print The Mysterious Affair, or if you bought that one and want to expand your Agatha Christie mind-reading selection to six books, this is your chance. Act fast, very few sets were produced.
Clothbound, fully illustrated, signature sewn, gold stamped with full laminated dust jackets and ISBN numbers, exactly as you would buy in any trade book store. Each can be read cover to cover without discovering the subtle secret. You could give either to a librarian, editor or publisher to examine and they would swear the books are legitimate and normal. No duplicate pages or sections, no short pages, no bizarre vocabulary or nonsense sentences of any kind. Yet, amazingly, this effect is still very easy to do.
A Second Affair comes with brown-, purple- and orange-jacketed hardcover Hercule Poirot books—After the Funeral, The Greenshore Folly and Murder At the Inn. Includes a clearly written instruction book with directions, additional routines, tips and suggestions for other effects. A solid mentalist effect for the working pro, and also a very high quality product for the discerning collector. As a Special Bonus, you get three additional dust jackets that look like the covers of modern mystery novels.
Three-Book Set - $255



Pocket Film VeritePocket Horror Verite

Pocket Verites
Classic Film or Horror

Strolling Size Verite in Two Formats

Classic Film Verite and Horror Verite are now available in a new vest-pocket size, perfect for restaurant work, table-hopping, or just carrying around for casual presentations. These new cards look just like trading cards, 2 and 1/2 by 3 and 3/4 inches. Each set consists of the same 32 film poster cards in this convenient size, but the backs have been completely re-designed to give them a Collectible Trading Card look. Comes with a handy two-pocket wallet for storage and transport. Only $40 per set. Order two of the same sets for back-ups or giveaways, or buy one of each, and get a special discount - $40 for one set, $75 for any two sets.

Like the other sets in this series, you hand out cards with film posters. Any spectator chooses any film and reads the list of film titles on the back. Without looking at the card, you know exactly which film he is thinking of. Do it once or twenty times - it never fails and NO ONE will ever fathom the secret. If you want, you can draw or describe the visual image of the film’s poster instead of naming the film. Incredibly easy, but diabolically effective. It feels like TRUE mind-reading.

Get Pocket Verite and start reading minds today. - $40 each or $75 for any two.

Get 1 Pocket Film Verite

Get 2 Pocket Film Verites

Get 1 Pocket Horror Verite

Get 2 Pocket Horror Verites

Get 1 of Each, Pocket Film & Pocket Horror

Horror Verite

Horror Verite

A Frightful Mindreading Experience
The mind-reading, mind-blowing Verite effect has a new twist! If you know Cinema Verite or Classic Film Verite, get ready for a creepy- bizarre-frightful-slasher-bloody-scary version! This all new set includes 32 new and different film cards, each with a film poster from one of the top scary movies of all time. Old classics, new standards, popular horror films - they’re all here. Halloween, The Shining, Poltergeist, Dracula, The Wolf Man, Friday the 13th, Saw - even Creature From the Black Lagoon. Wonderful clear poster images, top-grossing horror movies from 1931 up to 2017. These cards are extra-sturdy stock, glossy coated on both sides, rounded corners, 4x6, matching the exact size and texture of Classic Film Verite, so you can use all of the cards from both sets together or separately. The back design is different but is still set up in the same way as the other Verites. These sets come in an attractive flat black cardboard storage case that matches the tone of the films. Use the set with Cinema Verite or with Classic Film Verite or alone.

Like the other sets in this series, you hand out cards with film posters. Any spectator chooses any film and reads the list of film titles on the back. Without looking at the card, you know exactly which film he is thinking of. Do it once or twenty times - it never fails and NO ONE will ever fathom the secret. If you want, you can draw or describe the visual image of the film’s poster instead of naming the film. Incredibly easy, but diabolically effective. It feels like TRUE mind-reading.
ADDED BONUS EFFECT: You can also tell the spectator his film's exact ranking number in the Top 100 Horror Films Listing.

Get Horror Verite and start reading scary minds today. - $50

Horror Verite

Classic Film Verite

An Incredible Bit of Mentalism
The appearance of being able to actually read someone's mind. Have your audience pass around a set of cards with 32 different classic film posters. The set includes all-time “most popular” films like Gone With the Wind, The Godfather, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, and Pulp Fiction. Each card has a film poster on the front and a list of films from the set on the back.You have no idea who has which film poster. Have anyone choose one and think about the title. They read the names of the films from their card, and you tell them exactly which film they are thinking of. In addition, you tell them the exact number of film critics who voted for that film out of all films. Repeat the effects with anyone else. They think of a film and read the same list of titles. You always know which film your spectator is thinking of and the unique number of votes the list got. An amazing secret, so easy you will be doing it in minutes. No crib sheets. Nothing to memorize. Nothing extra to carry. Use just the 32 postcards. Extra-thick, heavy stock, full color, glossy varnish, rounded corners. Complete with a sturdy snap-closure carrying case. Use all 32 cards or just slip ten or twelve into your pocket and still perform it exactly the same way. Combine this card set with Cinema Verite and use 64 different film cards. Classic Film Verite has all different films and cards including very well-known films like The Princess Bride, Toy Story, Casablanca, Singin‘ In the Rain, Titanic, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Newly added - not one, but TWO incredible effects. Reveal their thought-of film title and a unique film critic number. Perform it any time, anywhere with anyone who can read and think. Good for close-up or a full auditorium. Do it over and over with one spectator, or thirty times with thirty different spectators. No one will fathom the secret. Like Cinema Verite, it is incredibly easy.
Classic Film Verite - $50

Horror Verite

Cinema Verite

An Incredible Mentalism Effect

Imagine being able to actually read someone's mind. Hand out postcards with over 30 different film posters to the audience. You have no idea who has which film poster. Have anyone choose one and think about the title. They read the names of the films from the postcards, and you stop them exactly on the film they are thinking of. Do it again with someone else. They think of a film and read the same list of titles. You know which film someone is thinking of every time. Do it ten times with ten different spectators in all different parts of the room. Everyone reads the same list of film titles. You always know who is thinking of which film. An amazing secret, so easy you will be doing it in minutes. No crib sheets. Nothing to memorize. Nothing extra to carry. Use just the 32 postcards. Extra-thick, heavy stock, full color, glossy varnish, rounded corners. Complete with a sturdy snap-closure carrying case. Don't want to lug 32 postcards around? Just slip ten or twelve into your pocket and still perform it exactly the same way. Old and new films with a historical and sci-fi bent - Charlie Chaplin, Hugo, Sherlock Holmes, Time Machine, Rocketeer, Golden Compass, Wild Wild West. Familiar films, but not the easy ones that anyone could guess. Any good mentalist could come up with Gone With the Wind or Casablanca or Wizard of Oz. But your audience will really be impressed when you know they are thinking of The Prestige or Sleepy Hollow. Perform it any time, anywhere with anyone who can read and think. Take it table-hopping for close-up or hand out the cards into a 1000-seat auditorium. Do it over and over with one spectator or thirty times with thirty different spectators. No one will fathom the secret. You could do it with kids, but this is not really a kidshow effect. It is strong, powerful mentalism that works with adults in almost any venue. Did I mention it is incredibly easy?

Cinema Verite -Sci-Fi & Steampunk Films. - $50


Kidshow Matters

Kidshow Matters

A Complete Guide to Children's Magic Shows

Here Now! Jim's newest, largest and best book of kidshow magic ever! Kidshow Matters is 40 essays that teach and explore basic tenets and principles of performing children's magic. Each important topic is illustrated by a clever and original magic trick that you will love performing. You will learn how kids think, why they applaud and what makes them laugh. You will learn how to get repeat shows, what makes clients like or hire you and how you can market yourself better. Make your shows more appealing, entertaining and bookable by studying these rich and important topics. Michael Close calls Kidshow Matters "One of the most valuable books on the performance of magic ever written." It's HUGE - 325 pages, 40 chapters, 100 illustrations, dozens of clever new tricks. Foreword by Max Howard who says, "Kidshow Matters is a book of wisdom, knowledge and kindness, and an invaluable resource."  
Kidshow Matters launched at Kidabra Conference in August, 2017. If you missed that convention, buy your copy here. - $55 hardcover.


JWK Theme Book Sampler

JWK Theme Book Sampler

A Free Downloadable E-Book.

Click the button and download the book.

Want to know how to put together a theme show? Buy one of Jim's fabulous books on making a theme show. Can't decide which one to get? Try this FREE sampler. This e-book is downloadable and in pdf format so you can read it on any computer. The Sampler is 30 pages long and contains ten exciting tricks and routines excerpted from ten different Jim Kleefeld theme show books. Get a good idea of the type of magic tricks that are in store for you on Jim Kleefeld's world-famous theme show books. Then buy a copy of Christmas Magic, Halloween Magic, Architecture Magic, Dream Magic, World Magic, or any of the other fun trick- and routine-filled books.JWK Theme Book Sampler - $00.00 (Just click the button above and download it.)


Architecture Magic E-Book

Architecture Magic

E-Book and Art Files about Building and Construction Magic

Get ready for 2017 library shows with Architecture Magic, Jim Kleefeld's all new theme show book to help you build a show about building. Tricks with bricks. Tricks with blocks. Construction tricks. Stories about two-story houses. Routines about hammers, ladders, paint, toolboxes, houses, skyscrapers, landmark buildings and more. Hammer out your next program by getting the tools you need to make a great show. Unlike your roof, none of these routines are over your head. Easy to build, easy to perform, and lots of fun magic for kids and families. Audiences will say "You nailed it!" Perfect for creating a magic show about Building A Better World. Architecture Magic is 185 pages with over 50 tricks, ideas routines and props, delivered on a custom Flash Drive along with folders full of original art and fonts. Architecture Magic E-Book on a Custom Flash Drive, for Mac or Windows - $49

Architecture Magic Combo Pack

E-Book and Hard Copy Printed Book

Get both the pdf file on a flash drive AND a printed comb-bound paper hard copy of the book. The pdf copy can be read on your computer, or take the hard copy with you to leaf through while you drive to your next show. (Just kidding -- do NOT read the book while driving.) You still get all of the computer files, art and fonts, PLUS a printed copy of the book. The printed book is not available separately.  Architecture Magic E-Book on CD, for Mac or Windows PLUS a Printed Hard Copy - $85



Haunted Bottles

A Spooky Multiplying Bottle Routine Especially for Halloween

Jim’s hand-made, carefully crafted creepy Multiplying Bottles routine for Halloween or any bizarre occasion. Spider Venom, Zombie Virus, Newt Juice - you magically produce nine bottles of creepy, witchy potions from two Apothecary canisters. Custom painted to look old and creepy and stored in a handsome, sturdy flip-lid box. Includes Gruella’s Apothecary sign and full instructions.  

Eldora's Mixed-Up Costume


Eldora's Mixed-Up Costume

A Beautiful and Fun New Halloween Trick


Gorgeous art on large fantastic silks. Eldora wants to go to a Halloween party and needs a costume. Show her in plain clothes. She magically changes to a monster costume, but it is mixed-up with a skeleton body and Frankenstein head. She changes again to a mixed up clown and witch outfit, then again to a mish-mash of lots of costumes. Finally, she emerges in a beautiful princess ball gown complete with tiara and bouquet. Four 18" silks and one 18x36-inch climax silk. Use your own Change Bar or buy our special Trick-Or-Treat Change Bag below.
Eldora's Mixed-Up Costume - $120

Eldora's Mixed-Up Costume


Eldora's Mixed-Up Costume Deluxe

Silks plus special Trick-Or-Treat Change Bag


Combination special. Get the five custom silks for Eldora's Mixed-Up Costume PLUS the specially created Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Change Bag, both together for one special price.
Eldora's Mixed-Up Costume Deluxe - $135

Trick-Or-Treat Change Bag


Trick-Or-Treat Change Bag

Custom Designed, Custom Printed, Hand Sewn


A Halloween Change Bag that looks like a regular trick-or treat bag. Bright orange with black trick-or-treat artwork, the exact kind of bag kids carry for trick-or-treating. Cloth with two cloth handles and three compartments. Specially lined to prevent show-through. Perfect for Eldora's Mixed-Up Costume or any other Halloween silk tricks you may already own. Show the bag empty, put in some silks, take out some different silks, show it empty again.
Trick-Or-Treat Change Bag - $30

Halloween Magic Book


Halloween Magic Book & CD

Hundreds of Halloween Kidshow Tricks & Ideas


The ultimate book on Halloween magic for kidshows. Over 200 pages. Tons of tricks, routines, ideas and material. Enough to do a dozen magic shows with all different material each time. Make-it-yourself tricks, adaptable tricks, routines with standard tricks, custom tricks to make with art included. Fonts, jokes, artwork and more, Tons of printable art on the included CD that you can print and make up your own tricks. Your best ever resource for creating Halloween Magic for kids.
Halloween Softcover Book and CD - $55

Halloween Magic Book


Halloween Magic E-Book

Halloween Kidshow Tricks & Ideas E-Book


The ultimate book on Halloween magic for kidshows in a pdf e-book format. Over 200 pages. Tons of tricks, routines, ideas and material. Enough to do a dozen magic shows with all different material each time. Make-it-yourself tricks, adaptable tricks, routines with standard tricks, custom tricks to make with art included. Fonts, jokes, artwork and more, Tons of printable art on the included CD that you can print and make up your own tricks. Your best ever resource for creating Halloween Magic for kids.
Halloween Magic E-Book on CD - $50

Familiar Cat


Familiar Cat

Great Packs Flat Kidshow Magic


Friendly, fun, funny, colorful magic with a Halloween theme. Show a creepy haunted house on a folder, Open it to show Gruella the Witch who has lost her familiar cat. She goes looking for a new one and finds, white, orange, yellow and brown cats, but settles on a black cat. To test his magical powers she asks him to vanish. He does, then reappears from behind her house. Kids howl as he pops up and down and you never see. As easy as Farmyard Frolics or Bookworm. Packs flat, plays big. Just right for Halloween Magic Shows.
Familiar Cat - $67

Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic Book

The Only Christmas Book You Will Ever Need

Jim's Christmas Magic is a huge compendium of tricks for children’s and family shows based around Christmas and Winter Holidays. Tons of tricks and routines with Santa, Christmas Trees, reindeer and toys, plus lots of generic winter tricks with snowmen, trees, snowflakes and gingerbread men. Hundreds of routines, original artwork printable files to make your own tricks, routines and stories to use with standard tricks, resources for commercial Christmas tricks and more All you ever need to put on Christmas shows every year and even change them over and over.  Christmas Magic Regular Edition - $55

Christmas Magic Deluxe Edition

Christmas Magic Deluxe Hardcover

Special Deluxe Edition With Exclusive Extras!

Get Jim's Christmas Magic in this special collector's edition. Each of these Deluxe Edition books is hardcover with a full color laminated paper dust jacket. Each is individually signed and numbered. In addition to all of the text in the regular version, this set includes a 20-page booklet with exclusive extra tricks routines and a fabulous Quick Trick Idea File that is worth its weight in gold. Also included is a special CD disc with extra tricks and extra art files. In addition, the package also includes ten full color printed card stock sheets that you can use to make up one of the special exclusive tricks.  Christmas Magic Deluxe Edition, signed and numbered hardcover Book & CD Art File PLUS Supplement booklet and 10 printed trick sheets - $175

Theme File E-Book Collection

The Theme File (Including Christmas Magic!)

Save $80 on Nine Theme Magic E-Books On One Flash Drive

Here is the most economical way to buy Christmas Magic! Now you can get all nine of Jim's theme magic books on a safe and convenient flash drive. A fabulous way to have, store and save the complete collection of Jim Kleefeld magic show theme books. You get the complete books and all of the art and fonts neatly collected, organized and stored on a safe USB flash drive. Includes six of Jim's phenomenal summer library theme show books: Bug Magic, Be Creative @ Your Shows, Water Magic, Dream Magic, World Magic and Dig Into Magic, plus the two seasonal books Halloween Magic and Christmas Magic, and a bonus book on how to theme routines for The Arabian Tent Illusion. Nine full complete e-books with all the pages, all the text, and all the illustrations, in pdf format to be be opened and read on any computer. In addition, all of the original art folders with thousands of jpegs and pdfs, plus all of the original fonts are included. Over 1000 pages of tricks and routines! Over 3000 pieces of reproducible artwork! Over 320 fonts! Enough themed kidshow magic to last you a lifetime. Besides the safety and convenience of having it all in one place, you save $80 over buying all of these books separately. That's like getting two of the books free!   The Theme File on USB Flash Drive for Mac or Windows - $275

Free Shipping! If purchased separately, Jim will refund your shipping costs for The Theme File.

Santa's Refreshments

Santa's Refreshments

A Magical Multiplying Bottle Routine Especially for Christmas

It's the most fun you can have at a Christmas magic Show! A complete routine with very special Christmas props and a wonderful story. You found a gift box and inside was Mrs. Claus' gift to Santa - a package of treats for his once-a-year all-night trip! There are two biscuit tins, one with Holiday Cheer Soda and another with a jumbo Snowball Cookie. The two items change places several times, then another beverage bottle appears. Then another and another, while the the snowball cookie jumps back and forth. You end up with eight beverage bottles - hot cocoa, peppermint juice, candy cane water and more, plus a giant cookie, plus two biscuit tins, all from a special gift box that could not possibly have held it all. Includes eight bottles, two snowballs, two biscuit tins and a special love note from Mrs. Claus. It just doesn't get any more Christmasy than this. All of the labels are designed with a wonderfully nostalgic look. Beautiful hand-crafted props and a sterling routine. This is so much fun and so magical, you will have to close your show with it, because you cannot top it!  Santa's Refreshments - $397


Sports Magic Show

Sports Magic Show

Watch Jim's Live 2016 Library Magic Show on Sports & Fitness


Watch Jim's library show for 2016 - all about sports and fitness. Filmed live at a library where Jim returns every year, you will see the Rope Relay, Book Race, Sports Choice, Vanishing Basketball, Shark Attack,Cut and Restored Jump Rope, and much more. Many routines and props are direct from Jim's book Sports & Fitness Magic, so you can see how he has put words into action. Follow along with fun exciting routines. Get some fresh ideas on presentations for yourself. Following the live 45-minute show, go backstage with Jim on a filmed Explanation Section where he explains his tables, banners, show wraps, and the construction of many of the props. This is not a DVD, but two video files on a CD which can be viewed on almost any Mac or Windows computer.
Sports Magic Video Disc - $40

Library Die Box


Library Die Box

License & DIY Kit for a Beautiful Prop


Blow your library and school audiences away with this beautiful prop and wonderful routine. It's the Die Box taken to a whole new kidshow level. You display a Carnegie-style library building with brick work, marble columns and golden brass sign. Open the doors and inside is a large block of book characters nestled in among well-stocked library shelves. You remove the block and show the children that is is adorned with pictures of their favorite characters from literature. Yoy place the character block into a House - just like kids take home their library books. Then you return the block to the library (just as the kids return their books). Magically the block vanishes from the library and in its place are empty bookshelves. Tip the building back and forth as you close one set of doors and open another - the library seems empty. But wait! The kids think you are letting the block slide back and forth. Finally you throw open both front doors and the two parts of the roof. The characters are gone - vanished completely. You reach into the House and produce the block of book characters to return it to the library.

This wonderful prop and routine is easy to make following Jim's careful illustrated instruction book. Best of all, ALL OF THE ARTWORK YOU NEED is included on the disc. Plans and art include the Library, the Block, the Shell, the House and an extra Apartment Building. Cut a few pieces of wood and glue them together - print the artwork and glue it to the wood. Voila! You have made your very own Library Die Box. OR, you can take the easier route and simply modify your own commercial Die Box with Jim's art.
Based on an idea by Tommy Johns and masterfully created by Jim Kleefeld, the Library Die Box Kit is a project you will love to make and really enjoy using in any show for schools or libraries. Jim even includes his complete scripted routine. You get a CD with a full-color 28-page instruction manual, over 150 art files that allow you to make a Library Die Box, House and Apartment in any of three different sizes, and the rights to make one unit for your own use. Manufacturing Rights Reserved by Jim Kleefeld. SPECIAL BONUS: Also included is a 7-minute audio file of Tommy Johns performing and explaining his marvelous routine for the Library Die Box.

Library Die Box - Project Plans, Artwork & License to Create - $100

Rope Relay

Rope Relay

More Fun With Two Ropes Than You Can Imagine


Rope Relay is a contest between the magician and a volunteer from the audience. The race is simple. Your helper freely chooses either the red or blue set of rope and baton. Both you and the helper insert your ropes into the hard plastic batons and let go. Magically the boy's rope drops straight through to the floor and the magician's gets stuck in the baton every time. Switch ropes - yours still gets stuck. Switch batons - yours still gets stuck. The kid is always the winner and the magician gets frustrated by losing every time. Kids and adults roar with laughter as each race gets more befuddling. Jim has used Rope Relay in hundreds of shows and it has proven to be one of the highlights of each show. You won't believe how much fun this is until you try it with real, live kids. You are always in control of whose rope goes and whose rope stays. Let yours fall through or get stuck inside any time you want. Super easy to do, very baffling to the audience. You will never see parents laugh so hard as when the kids in the audience all start yelling out "That's the feet!" at the same time. Typically warm and wonderful Kleefeld humor, and everyone comes out a winner.
Of course between jump-rope exercise and the Olympics, this routine is a natural for library shows on Sports and Fitness. You get red and blue colored ropes, red and blue hard plastic batons, red and blue storage/carry cases, plus the special gimmick that makes it all work, and of course, Jim's masterful script.
Rope Relay - $45




Magic & Mentalism with Locks


The ultimate examination of the Seven Keys to Baldpate plot and the use of locks in mentalism and magic. Locked is 360 pages of tricks, routines, explanations, research and history of lock effects. It contains details of 116 lock products, descriptions of 107 published lock routines, explanations of 26 gaffed and gimmicked lock methods, 62 original never-before-published routines, 120 photographs of lock items, and 85 original illustrations, including fully detailed drawings of gaffed lock mechanisms. Locked was compiled and written by Jim Kleefeld, with a little help from friends like Paul Daniels, Richard Osterlind, Ray Carlisle, John Archer, Paul Hallas, Danny Archer, Ken Dyne, Dan Harlan, Stephen Minch, Wayne Dobson, Mark Strivings, Tim Ellis, Mick Hanzlik and more. Locked is fully illustrated in hardcover with a laminated full-color dust jacket.

Locked is the biggest, best book in mentalism this year and one you will use and refer to over and over with dozens of routines that use padlocks, keys, combination locks, locked boxes, locked car doors, house keys and more. There are fully scripted routines that are serious, romantic, funny, bizarre, historical, dramatic, magical, mental, mysterious and outrageous. It has material suitable for stage, close-up, parlor, table-hopping, kidshows, and strolling. Locked is the book to get, read, savor, study and enjoy, now and for years to come.
Locked - Hardcover with dustjacket - $85

Locked Deluxe Kit

Locked Deluxe Kit

Book, Two Locks, Flash Drive, & More


With the Locked Deluxe kit, you will be ready to plunge into mentalism and magic with locks. Included is a signed and numbered hardcover copy of the book, plus not one, but two special magical locks and a key-shaped flash drive chock full of extras. The drive can be used in a routine by itself or you can use the numerous art files tom add to or enhance your lock routines. Includes pictures, numbers, photos, drawings, many of which coordinate with lock routine sin the book. Also included ares several extra routines that you can add to your repertoire. Best of all, included are two specialty locks. One is ready-made to use with several of the routines in the book. The other is a specially gimmicked magic lock that is often sold separately as a stand-alone magic prop. This quality brass wheel lock is gimmicked for you so that you can present a dozen or so of the routine in the book. Included on the flash drive is a large supplement book with dozens of routines, ideas and suggestions that are not included in the hardcover Locked book.  Signed & Numbered Locked Book, Two Locks, Key Flash Drive - $175

Stately Spirits Show


Stately Spirits Show

Spirits Show Manual and License


Jim's novel and intriguing show, Ohio Spirits has quickly genereated more new shows and income than any other he has mounted in the past. Libraries, Senior Centers, Historical Societies and more are flocking to hear the fabulous ghost stories, to see aged artifacts from haunted places, and to experience strange phenomena. This highly regarded and well-received show lterally fills an entire October calendar as well as many other dates throughout the year.
Now you can mount and perform your own localized Spirits Show with Jim's manual, videos and license. You get not one but two full videos of one-hour shows, recorded live at two locations. You also get a full video explanation of the tricks and routines, numerous short videos of tricks and effects, and lots of artwork including show logos, eerie photographs and more, all on one convenitnet flash drive that will work on any computer. In addition, you receive a 60-page manual with instructions, effects, routines, Jim's complete one-hour script, tips, suggestion, promotion and more. You even get bookmarks, postcards, and a bonus copy of the BOR book Jim sells to patrons of the program.

Most importantly, you are buying the rights to mount a localized spirit show that can make you a generouas amount of money, for years to come. Do you live in Georgia? Jim teaches you how to develop the Georgia Spirits Show. Live in Massachussetts? You can mount The New England Spirit Show. Live close to London? Create the Haunted London Show. You decide, so you can catch the attention of clients by making this show personal to your location. This is not a kidshow. It's part storytelling, part magic, part lecture - just the right combination to make adult audiences a tiny bit squeamish, and leave them begging for more tales of ghosts and haunted places.

Stately Spirits Show - Flash Drive, Manual & License - $595

Sports & Fitness Magic

Sports & Fitness Magic

Sports & Fitness Tricks for Fitness Magic Shows

Perfect Routines for Library Summer Reading Club Shows

The latest in Jim's long and successful line of e-books for themed magic shows. Every year hundreds of performers worldwide depend on Jim Kleefeld to come up with fresh and exciting art, tricks, and routines to help create a new and different themed show. In 2016 many US libraries are using On Your Mark, Get Set . . . Read! as a theme for Summer Reading Clubs. Jim's book is chock full of exciting ideas to spark your imagination. Hold a hilariously funny Rope Relay Race. Watch kids compete in the Activity Contest. Cut a playground jump rope into a dozen pieces and magically restore it. Turn your standard props into Fitness, Nutrition and Exercise magic props. Sports & Fitness Magic is 168 pages on disc and includes over 200 pieces of original art, one audio file, and over 50 fonts. All of the art is yours to use. Print and make up dozens of tricks and get your library shows off to a running start. On Your Mark, Get Set . . . Create a Fitness Magic Show!  Sports & Fitness Magic E-Book & CD with Art Files and Audio File - $49 (Note-if you do not have an optical drive, contact Jim for an alternative file delivery system.)

Sports & Fitness Magic Combo Pack

Sports & Fitness Magic Combo Pack

The read-it-anywhere package

If you are one of those people who like to hold a printed book in your hands, get the Sports & Fitness Magic Combo Pack. It includes the full book on disc, plus all of the art files and others mentioned above, plus a spiral-bound softcover copy of the book that you can take with you and read anywhere. The printed version is not available separately.  Sports & Fitness Magic Softcover Book & CD with E-Book, Art & Audio Files - $80



A Uniquely Bizarre Prop

For the Discerning Professional Mentalist

Step back in time to 1692 with your spectators and have them examine a book full of history of the Salem Witch Trials. Use it to perform several mind-reading miracles on a variety of audience members. You let anyone open to any page in the Narrative History of the Trials section and you can immediately read their thoughts about what is on the page. Then you have anyone choose any accused person from the Trial Results section, and you can tell them exactly who they are thinking of, whether the accused was convicted or innocent, their sentence at the trial, even the month the trial was held and the exact number of participants.

A truly unique prop, method and routine. A magnificent prop, Salem is a careful reproduction of an antique book written in the 1600s about the Salem witch trials. It has old original woodcut illustrations, fancy flourish title lettering and detailed information about witchcraft in Early America. It looks authentic and genuine, yet is is meticulously gaffed to allow you to perform not one, but several strong effects. The book has two sections, both different in formatting and type of information. Each one allows you to perform several different effects. Use either or both sections. Make one quick revelation or carry out a 20-minute routine.

In the Narrative Section, the spectator opens to any page and reads the first line to herself. You tell her the exact nature of what she has read. She can turn to another page and you repeat your divination. Do it three or five times in a row. Each page is different and each time, you know exactly what the spectator is thinking about. Best of all, the book can be read from cover to cover with absolutely no clue as to the method. It truly reads and handles like a completely normal book. There are no short pages, no duplicate pages, no repeating vocabulary, no long obscure words, no unintelligible sentences—nothing to tip off the method to anyone.

In the Trial Results section, each page has facts and information about a specific person on trial for witchcraft. Without knowing the page or seeing the text, you can tell the spectator the full first and last name of the accused, whether she was found guilty or innocent, whether she was hanged, drowned, stoned, pressed or released. You can even tell the exact month the trial was held and how many people attended. All without looking at a thing. No fishing, no elaborate memorization, no special cheat sheets, no extra props, no outside gaffs, no stooges. So easy, you will be performing it in no time. Although the effects are very easy to perform, Salem includes an elaborate 20-page manual with information, routines, tips, suggestions, background and more, plus free helpful “reminder” bookmarks.

Salem is a terrific addition to your arsenal of mentalism or bizarre routines. The story of the Salem Witchcraft trials is fascinating to everyone, and this magnificent prop allows you to perform miracles around that story.

Created by Jim Kleefeld. Produced by Gemini Artifacts.
Salem Book, Manuscript & Bookmark - $225

IMPORTANT NOTE: Salem is not in stock because it is NOT mass-produced, rather it is carefully crafted and aged by hand. Orders will be filled on first-come first served basis and may take several weeks.

Salem InsideSalem InsideSalem InsideSalem Inside



Hero Magic

Hero Magic

SuperHero Tricks for Hero Magic Shows

Perfect Routines for Library Summer Reading Club Shows

The exciting new theme magic show book all about heroes! With dozens of tricks, routines, and ideas for Summer Reading Club Magic Shows with a Hero theme. Tricks with SuperHeroes, comic book characters, police officers and firefighters, doctors, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Mom & Dad (They are the REAL heroes in many kids’ lives!) and more. Includes over 100 pieces of artwork you can use to make up these tricks and tricks of your own. Plus, for the first time, specialized audio recordings that make up part of a great trick. A complete 125-page e-book on CD with folders of art, fonts, audio tracks and more. Over 30 tricks and routines, loads of fonts and artwork and a thorough bibliography of kid's books about heroes.  Hero Magic E-Book & CD with Art Files and Audio Files - $45

Hero Magic Combo Pack

Hero Magic Combo Pack

The read-it-anywhere package

Want the ease of reading an actual printed routine instruction manual? Get Hero Magic in this special combo pack that includes both the full e-book on CD with all of the folders full of art and fonts, plus a printed and comb-bound paper hard copy. Now you can read it in your easy chair and then go print up some new tricks on your computer. The printed version is not available separately.  Hero Magic Softcover Book & CD with E-Book, Art & Audio Files - $80



Cinema Verite or Classic Film Verite Individual Cards

Individual film poster cards from all Verite products are available at a cost of $3 each. If you have lost a card, given it to a spectator as a souvenir, or had one become creased or dog-eared by a spectator and want a single replacement, contact me via email. Because of printing overruns, I have extras of many, but not all, of the cards. Contact me and let me know which specific cards you need replaced and I'll check my extras stack.  Cinema Verite or Classic Film Verite Individual Cards - $3 each - write to Jim Kleefeld for availability.

NEW! Special Fizz, Boom, Read! Projects Just For Magicians! Click the logo to go to the Fizz Boom Read! Products Page.

Got to Fizz Boom Read Product Page

Fizz, Boom, Read Projects are individual tricks, routines and materials to help you create your Fizz, Boom, Read Magic Theme Show. Each project is complete with all the instructions, art and files you need, and is sent to your email electronically. No physical disc to buy! No large book to wade through! Buy one, or several, or all of them for a complete show! They are thorough, professional, clever and created especially for magicians who want to present a themed library show in Summer of 2014. Best of all, Fizz, Boom, Read Projects are just $10 each.

Fizz Boom Read Magic Show

Fizz Boom Read Magic Show

Live Fizz Boom Read Magic Show on DVD

Just Released! Be amazed and amused watching Jim's 2014 summer library show Fizz Boom Read with this live performance DVD.  The Fizz Boom Read Magic Show is taped live at a library and shows Jim's clever new science-themed magic program, chock full of fun and books and magic.  With clever new and original tricks and routines, funny adaptations of some standards, and his creative spin on just about everything. You will see: Amazing Multiplying Atoms, Confusing Colors with a Twist, I Scream Flavors, The Proper Solution, Find the Scientist, Gravity Defined, Density Explained, and more! This DVD is a full production of a 45-minute show, with additional explanations, tips and suggestions.Fizz Boom Read Magic Show 75-minute DVD $40.



Dig Into Magic E-Book

Dig Into Magic

E-Book and Art Files about Magic with Digging

Jim's all new book especially for Library Summer Reading Club Shows. Dozens of tricks and routines. Hundreds of artwork files. Original tricks. Commercial trick routines. Ideas, suggestions, inspiration and more. Change a digger's hard hat to a selected color. Magically discover the color of an unearthed Grecian urn. Have a Mole Coloring Contest. Have a spectator magically find a gold nugget. Mark the burrowing animal that a child thinks about before he tells you. Instantly dig up a pirate treasure from a deserted island. Includes full tricks and routines about nature's digging animals, pirates' buried treasure, archaeologists secret finds, and more. A huge section on jokes and humor with moles, miners, tunnels, bulldozers and more. A full bibliography, and one of the funniest vent routines ever written. Lots more. Get started on your Dig Into Magic Show today. Dig Into Magic E-Book on CD, for Mac or Windows - $45

Dig Into Magic Combo Pack

E-Book and Hard Copy Printed Book

Want the ease of reading an actual printed manual? Get Dig Into Magic in this special combo pack that includes both the full e-book on CD with all of the folders full of art and fonts, plus a printed and bound paper hard copy. Now you can read it in your easy chair and then go print up some new tricks on your computer. The printed version is not available separately.   Dig Into Magic E-Book on CD, for Mac or Windows PLUS a Printed Hard Copy - $80

Halloween Banner OrangeHalloween Banner OrangeHalloween Banner OrangeHalloween Banner Orange

Personalized Halloween Banners

7-Foot Banners Custom-Made With Your Name & Show Title

Announce your Halloween Show and set the stage with these HUGE personalized banners. Each is 32 x 80 inches. Over 7 feet tall, custom printed on heavy vinyl.  Each will be personalized just for you. Simply let Jim know what wording you want and where. Announce your Show Name, your own name, your website or phone number. Decide on two or three lines of text. The lettering can be creepy, spooky, silly or plain, and in any color. These pictures show a sample of what can be done, but feel free to make your own options. Jim will custome design your lettering with the wording and colors you want. Each banner includes a slick and sturdy base with fold-out feet and upright support. The banner is spring loaded into the base. Just pull it out like a windowshade, set the pole in place and you have a beautiful large backdrop or side curtain. The finished banner is lightweight, sturdy and built to last a lifetime. (If you bought an Entitled Banner, note that I have a NEW supplier - these banners are better, cleaner, and easier. No rough edges on the base - just a smooth aluminum housing.) Order two, and put one on either side of your stage area to frame the show. Banners come in any one of four designs. Just choose from Orange with Bat and Moon, Green with Jack-O'Lantern, Red with Spiderweb, or Purple with Haunted House. It takes about a week for the banner to be designed, printed and shipped directly to you, so you will have yours in no time. After you order and use PayPal, contact Jim by email and give him you design choices.  Halloween Banners, custom designed and printed, shipped direct $265 each.



Tales From Beyond Teen and YA Program

Tales From Beyond Package

A Terrifically Creepy Teen Program 

The Tales From Beyond Package is Jim's brand new complete Teen and Young Adult Program Package. Now you can jump into this exciting new market and provide a much-needed program to libraries and middle schools. Have you saturated your area libraries with children's shows? Are you looking for a way to perform more programs in the same area? Get in on the ground floor now by offering a program to the YA Library market. Offer the right teen program and you WILL book shows!Tales From Beyond is the program you need to capture teens' attention. Teens and YA Librarians will love the eerie supernatural tales and spooky magical happenings. Now you can get Jim's road-tested successful program in a complete package. This is WAY MORE than a live video of a show. The package includes everything you need to know to launch a great program into an untapped market. You get a full program with all the details you need to present exciting stories and routines that involve the dead spirits of Lizzie Borden & Jack the Ripper, Voodoo, Shrunken Heads, The Titanic, Cleveland's Torso Murders, the Salem Witch Trials and more. Tales From Beyond Package comes complete with:

 An hour-long video of a live performance on DVD. Watch Jim in action as he wows a teen audience.
 An 80-page manual with a complete script, all the background and all the instructions you need to present eight stunning routine geared especially for teen audiences.
 A CD with dozens of art files you can print to make up the tricks.
 A Voodoo doll kit to create your own bizarre and spooky prop.
 A complete bibliography & handout
 Promotional and marketing materials including artwork, fliers, postcards, cover letters, contracts and more. 
 Fact Sheets on eight different presentation topics, Trick Lists, Prop Lists, Resources, Marketing Information and more. 
 Pre-printed materials for the tricks, including maps of 1888 London, antique-looking book pages, voodoo billets, museum sign and more. 
 MOST IMPORTANTLY: Full Performance Rights to present this exciting program at libraries and schools in your area. 

 BONUS PROP! Included in every package is Jim's clever creation Certainment.

This amazing prop looks and functions like a standard clipboard, but allows you to perform dozens of effects. Imagine secretly circling a spot on a map and then having a spectator correctly choose the exact same spot. Have a spectator call off one of nine murder suspects from his list and show that you had previously put an X by that very same suspect on your list. You can use Certainment for Tales From Beyond or in any of dozens of other routines in other shows.  Complete Tales From Beyond Package including 60-minute video on DVD, 80 page pdf file on CD-ROM, 80 art files, 5 font files, printed handouts and tricks, Bonus Certainment Clipboard Prop and Full Performance Rights - $595. 


Dream Big Magic Show

Dream Big Magic Show

Live Dream Magic Show on DVD

Brand New! Be amazed and amused watching Jim's 2012 summer library show Dream Big Magic with this live performance DVD.  Dream Big Magic is taped live at a library and shows Jim's clever new dream-themed magic program, chock full of fun and books and magic.  With clever new and original tricks and routines, funny adaptations of some standards, and his creative spin unjust about everything. You will see: The Fantasta Dream Silk Production in Black and White & Full Color; Alice In Wonderland's Tricky Drink This Bottles; Verdi's Python Race; New Caps Sold Here Today; Mickey's Dream Trip Around the World; The Fantastic Audience Volunteer Rock Star; Vanishing Hank Aaron Sports Cards and The Magically-Filled Collector's Book; My Favorite Books Full of Dreams; and The True Story of the Wacky Wolf.  This DVD is a full production of a 50-minute show, with titles and chapter markers, and a forty-minute explanation section where Jim explains all of the ideas and routines, as well as many of the original props.  Dream Big Magic Show 90-minute DVD $40.


Dream Magic E-Book

Dream Magic

E-Book and Art Files about Magic with Dreams

Just the thing for kidshow performers who want to produce a magic show about dreams, dreaming, sleep and bedtime. Dozens of tricks and routines. Hundreds of artwork files. Original tricks. Commercial trick routines. Ideas, suggestions, inspiration and more. Produce dream and nightmare figures. Have a volunteer magically discover your secret dream. Show your dream food and change it to something altogether different. Let a helper pick your secret dream. Magically vanish a tooth under a pillow and then produce cash from the Tooth Fairy. Includes a resource section, section on jokes and humor, full bibliography, not one, but TWO great vent routines, and lots more. Get started on your Dream Magic Show today.  Dream Magic E-Book on CD, for Mac or Windows - $40



Library Performances Audio CD

Library Performances

An Audio Guide to Booking & Presenting Library Shows

Listen & Learn! Jim presents a wealth of material on how to book and present library performances. Drop this CD in your car and listen on the way to your next show, and you will have a near-complete understanding of all you need to get going in libraries. Jim talks about library directories, interviewing, Friends' groups, using a theme, creating a product to market and much more. Hear six tricks described and presented as examples of what makes library shows workable. Find out about audience sizes, accommodating library needs, promoting books. Discover the incredible secret that will have them begging you to return over and over - the SSA - or Self-Sustaining Act. What is it and how can you use this guiding principle to make yourself unsurpassable in your market? Lots to learn. Listen over and over - it gets better each time.  Library Performances - Audio CD $20. 

World Magic E-Book

World Magic

E-Book and Art Files about World Culture Magic Shows

 Jim's latest resource book for kidshow workers who want a themed magic show. World Magic is a gigantic reference book full of tricks, routines, tips, ideas, suggestions, fonts, art, and more. Over 200 pages long! Over 1200 art files included on the disc! (No, that is not a typo - there really are over a thousand art files on the disc!) Everything you need to create a magic show with a World Theme! Thee are dozens of tricks about the world, the earth, the globe and world maps. There are dozens of tricks created to represent a specific country. In Summer 2011 the US Collaborative Summer Library Reading Program will be "One World-Many Stories." What better way to get more shows than having a themed magic show about the world and its wide variety of people and cultures? World Magic has that in spades! - Huge sections on Original Tricks! - Commercial Trick Reviews! - Routines for Standard Props! - Children's Book Bibliography! - Flags and Maps of Every Country in the World! - Custom Created Original Art Files! - Kleefeld Tips and Suggestions for Dozens of Tricks! - Over 40 Fonts you can use! - Original tricks and routines created especially to represent England, China, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Africa, Japan, India, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Scotland, Mexico and more! And if you really want to impress your library clients next summer, check below for Entitled, the customized banner especially made to go with your World Magic show! It's more than a banner - it's also a great trick you can use in your World Magic show! World Magic eBook in pdf format on CD, Mac or PC compatible $49. 

The Route to Routining E-Book

The Route to Routining

Kidabra Lecture Series

Not just lecture notes, but a full 70-page e-book on CD that gives you all the direction you need to routine your show. You will earn how to structure a show, how to sequence tricks, several ways to make transitions, and other important ideas that will greatly improve your show. In addition, there are several great tricks, including The Chinese Baker Story, Invisible Irma The World's Strongest Canary, Fishing For Books and The Rope Inspector. A separate section shows 25 complete show trick lists that Jim has used to create different shows, so you can see exactly what makes up a good sequence of tricks in a show. The Route to Routining eBook on CD, Mac or PC compatible $25.

A Splash of Magic

A Splash of Magic

Live Water Magic Show on DVD

Now out! Be amazed and amused watching Jim's 2010 summer library show A Splash of Magic with this live performance DVD. A Splash of Magic is taped live at a library and shows Jim's clever new water-themed magic program. As per all of Jim's magic shows, this includes clever and original tricks and routines, funny adaptations of some standards, and his creative spin on a couple of commercial tricks. You will see: Finocchio - A Picture of a Fish Changes to a Real Live Fish.  Treasure Map - Cloth Bandanas Change Into a Jolly Roger Flag. Flag-Guard - The Jolly Roger Flag Mysteriously Vanishes. Pirate Treasure - A Treasure Chest Eerily Shakes and Rattles.  Kraken's Return - A Pirate Worm Makes the Jolly Roger Reappear. Swimmer's Story - A Volunteer Changes a Lady Into a Mermaid. Sea Creatures - A Helper Magically Chooses the Perfect Creature.  Strat-O-Beach - Beach Balls Transport, Vanish and Misbehave. Fishing For Books - 4 Helpers, 4 Books, 4 Fish, 4 Perfect Matches. Splash's Book - A Volunteer Chooses the Right Book for Splash.  Splash the Dolphin - A Hilarious Puppet Gets the Kids Wet.This DVD is a full production of a 50-minute show, with titles and chapter markers, and a forty-minute explanation section where Jim explains all of the ideas and routines, as well as many of the original props. A Splash of Magic 98-minute DVD $35.


Pick Me! Pick Me! E-Book

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Everything You Need to Know About Using Volunteers

Pick Me! Pick Me! is the complete guide to using volunteers in your act. Audiences love to see one of their own step forward to help a magician. But sometimes a volunteer can destroy a trick, a routine or your reputation. Picking the right person to help and making the most of their assistance is a tricky proposition. Now you can have special inside knowledge, garnered from Jim's psychology background and years of experience.
You will learn how to prepare your show and props, what to plan for and how to choose the right person to make your show a sparkling success.
You will learn how to accurately estimate age and ability levels of spectators, how pre-show scanning can almost guarantee success.
You will walk through a practical sequence of steps that will help you get a person into your act and back into the audience in the most positive way.

Assigning Meaningful Tasks, Selecting Equitably, Presenting Rewards, Cueing for Applause - those topics and more are all covered thoughtfully and thoroughly and accompanied by delightful illustrations.
BONUS! Included free on every disc is Jim's signature routine, The Rope Inspector. This six-minute routine is laugh-filled, exciting and very magical. It involves two volunteers (or more), and plays for anyone, anywhere. The Rope Inspector uses one piece of rope, resets instantly, is workable and funny, suitable for all ages from little kids to older adults. You can do it in virtually any setting, with a few or a lot of people, surrounded or on stage. And it is really funny. It is the perfect example of how to use volunteers and a great companion to Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!, 50 page pdf file on CD-ROM. $30.


Flash Dozen

Flash Dozen

Thirteen Kleefeld Books on a USB Drive (+ a Bonus)
Flash Dozen! What a package! What a buy! Imagine getting more than a dozen great books and saving $200 in the process! Jim Kleefeld is now offering 13 - that's right, a Baker's Dozen - of his best and most exciting books, including Jim's newest one Pick Me! Pick Me!, sold above for $30. Flash Dozen comes to you on a flash drive with 13 books in convenient pdf format. You not only get Jim's best and most creative ideas, you also get all of the art and fonts. Each of the books is complete, just the way you would get them if you ordered each separately, but you save a bundle by ordering the package! You get The Arabian Tent, Be Creative @ Your Shows, Bug Magic, The Contract Book, Creativity Shows, Eclectic Collector, Lewis & Clark, Magic Around the World, Magic Workshop, Magishing Stuff, Pick Me! Pick Me!, Rope Inspector and Water Magic all on one small portable flash drive. Read them with Acrobat Reader or any program that opens pdf files. Or print a copy of each book, read it and store it on your bookshelf. Don't forget, you also get all of Jim's trick instructions and artwork to make hundreds of tricks. It's a master library of kidshow routines. For more information, read the descriptions of the books below. (but don't order them individually - save a lot of cash by ordering Flash Dozen!) You get over 700 pages! Over 500 art files! Over 80 fonts! Over $425 worth of books, but priced at only $225. Get this complete Jim Kleefeld collection only right here. Save over $200! Special Bonuses: You also get an hour's worth of music - Jim's specially commissioned soundtrack with 25 old world music tracks for The Lewis & Clark Program, PLUS! The Dutch translation of Jim's The Volunteer Book, PLUS! an incredible trick manuscript, The Rope Inspector. This easy, funny routine has been Jim's signature effect for 30 years. One piece of rope, 3 effects, 2 volunteers, 7 minutes of fun. No prep, no reset, work any time anywhere for stage, stand-up or close-up, children or adults.  Flash Dozen - 14 books, 700 pages + 600 art files and fonts + 25 music tracks, all on one USB Flash Drive. $225.


Water Magic E-Book

Water Magic E-Book and Art File

E-Book and Art Files about Magic with a Water Theme

Water Magic is Jim's wonderful new e-book and show resource. Over 110 pages of great new tricks, ideas and routines, all on magic with water! Summer 2010 is the year for libraries all over the U.S. to present "Make a Splash-Read!" for their Summer Reading Clubs. Swimming pools, beach balls, surfboards and fish will be everywhere. Do you have a water-themed magic show ready? Get Jim's new e-book now and you will be all set for next summer with dozens of fish and swimming tricks.  A beach ball magically changes places with everything in it's path! A lady changes into a mermaid right before your eyes! Real water vanishes and reappears in several different ways!  Magically catch any color fish the audience wants with your eyes closed! Kids magically match toy fish to fish books without even looking!

Dozens of original tricks and routines about the beach, swimming, fishing, water conservation and more. Tons of useable, printable artwork to make tricks. Scores of routines for commercial water tricks with Jim's Tips and Suggestions for them all. Water Facts. Water Jokes. Water Bibliographies (Yes, that means two!) Enough magic to do literally hours and hours of performance. You can find or build several complete shows from this vast collection of tricks. This is Jim's largest book with more ideas than ever! Water Magic, 120 pages + 160 art files and fonts on CD-ROM. $45.


Jim's Be Creative Show DVD

Live Be Creative Magic Show

Live Performing Arts Magic Show on DVD

See firsthand Jim's all new summer library show Be Creative Magic Show with this live performance DVD. Be Creative Magic Show is a taped live at a library and shows Jim at the top of his game with clever and original tricks and routines, funny adaptations of some standards, and his creative spin on a couple of commercial tricks.

This DVD is a full production with a live taped show, titles and chapter markers, and a hefty explanation section where Jim explains all of the ideas and routines, as well as many of the original props. Be Creative Show on DVD $35.


Be Creative At Your Shows

Be Creative At Your Show

E-book and Art Files about Performing Arts.

Jim's brand new book,Be Creative At Your Show Is designed to help you develop a summer magic show based on the 2009 Summer Reading Collaborative theme, Be Creative At Your Library. Well illustrated in full color are many ideas, suggestions, tricks and resources. Pages of jokes about artists, dancers and musicians will help round out the comedy in your show. In addition, Jim reviews and discusses many commercial tricks that are suitable for this year's theme. The 38-page text is an electronic pdf file on a CD that works with any Mac of PC. Just open it with Adobe Reader or any other free Portable Document File reader. You can even print out a copy for yourself and read it in hard copy if you like.

Individual tricks, routines for tricks, ideas for tricks and more. You even get creative looking fonts to install and use in your advertising, plus Jim's original art creating two brand new tricks. Art files for Pick A Star and Music Temple Screen are both included as JPEG files on the CD. Get yours today and get started being creative! Be Creative @ Your SHow E-Book, with Fonts and Art Files $20.


Creativity Shows!

Creativity Shows!

E-book and Art Files about Being Creative

Jim's brand new book,Creativity Shows! is chock full of exciting new ideas on how to make your show more creative. Chapters on developing creativity and working with props begin the exploration. Learn how to change tricks by changing the patter, by embellishing and by redesigning. Following that are sections on creativity methods and tools with several suggestions and ideas that will save you immeasurable time and money. The bulk of the book includes tried and tested tricks and routines from Jim's immense repertoire. Well illustrated in full color are many projects, designs and tricks with full explanations and routining. The 80-page text is an electronic pdf file on a CD that works with any Mac of PC. Just open it with Adobe Reader or any other free Portable Document File reader. You can even print out a copy for yourself and read it in hard copy if you like.

As incredible as this collection of information and ideas is, what really makes this project special is Jim's inclusion of almost 200 original art files. Because the book is in electronic version, all of these jpeg files are included with the book for your use. Yes, you can actually print and make dozens of tricks with Jim's clever handling and original artwork. Manufacturing rights for all of the tricks are reserved, but you can make and use these clever original tricks yourself in your shows. You will be amazed when you see how many tricks there are, and how much art is included. Most of the tricks are very easy to make by simply printing the art files and enjoying an afternoon's work with glue and scissors. Get yours today and get started being creative! Creativity Shows E-Book & 190 Art Files on CD $50.


The Arabian Tent Illusion

Arabian Tent Illusion

Printed Soft Cover Book 

Want an easy to make, versatile, adaptable illusion? Read Jim's Arabian Tent Illusion book, full of background, information and over 24 complete illusion designs. Jim details how to build the illusion, includes schematics for vanishing and appearing a person, and presents 24 complete designs illustrated in full color. Turn this workhorse prop into an Egyptian pyramid, barn, firehouse, police station, doghouse, magic shop, witch's hut, wild west saloon & more. Includes routine plots and costume designs suitable for historic festivals, clowns, education, corporate, holidays, schools and libraries. You will find a real wealth of ideas and can even use Jim's plots and design concepts in other illusion routines. And on top of that, the book design, layout and illustrations are gorgeous.  Arabian Tent Illusion, Softcover, Full Color Throughout. $30.


Buggy About Books DVD

Buggy About Books DVD

Live Magic Show About Bugs on DVD

Buggy About Books is Jim's 35th different themed library show. It is a fun-filled fast and educational program about insects. Many book and author references make this ideal for library shows and school shows on reading, but with a couple of repeat viewings you will be able to port this into a school science show. See some amazingly original ideas including an appearing hive of bees and honey jar, ants who tunnel out a message in the dirt and kids who magically match bugs and books without even looking. Even if you never have to do a magic show about insects, you will be delighted with Jim's clever and original thinking on the many new and unique tricks included here. Well worth it besides, just to see how a professional show is carefully routined with a strong theme and smooth linking transitions between effects.  Live Show on Disc, 60 min DVD. $35.


Johnny Appleseed Trick

Johnny Appleseed Trick

An Educational Routine with Props 

Jim's very clever and educational Johnny Appleseed Trick is a terrific adaptation of the Strat-O-Spheres prop. In this routine, you replace the balls with apples and tells the story of how Johnny Appleseed traveled the land planting different kinds of apples. Use this for schools shows on nutrition or reading (biography of Johnny Appleseed), or put it into historical shows for schools, festivals or fairs. You will get the full routine with all of Jim's patter and explanations, plus Jim's original color laser-printed artwork on index stock that you can use to turn your equipment into the Johnny Applessed props, plus realistic apples that are exactly the right size and wweight for the Strat-o-Spheres prop. Includes apple kettle art for both doors of the Gung Ho Box, plus apples and tree art for both sides of the tube. Supply your own Strat-O-Spheres.  Full Routine and Artwork plus four Apples. NEW LOWER PRICE. Was $70 now $55.



Bug Magic e-book and files

Bug Magic

Do you want to present a strong educational program about science, insects and reading? You can get started right now with Jim Kleefeld's Bug Magic.

A great e-book filled with two dozen great new tricks, routines & ideas for magic with an insect theme.
* Helpers magically choose a bug book and a bug puppet that match! * Ants tunnel out a prediction message! * Bees fly out of the hive with a volunteer's selected flower! * A Tarantula magically finds its missing mate! * Bees and a jar of honey are produced from an empty hive! * Invisible fireflies are collected and turned into a light bulb! * A silkworm magically fills his home with yards of silk! * Butterflies appear in an empty net! * Earthworms grow and shrink in size! * plus more, more, more!

In addition to the 48-page pdf book on CD, you'll get * Complete directions on how to make numerous insect tricks. * Over 75 original pieces of artwork to create your own tricks. * Over 80 large royalty-free insect photos. * Over 15 nifty bug and insect fonts. * Several bug fact sheets. * Four pages of bug jokes and gags. * Resources for bug magic tricks, bug puppets, & bug props. * Huge fiction and non-fiction bug bibliographies. 

E-book and Art Files About Magic With Insects

Trick, Resource & Idea CD with Art Files. $40.


Eclectic Collector

The Eclectic Collector

The Eclectic Collector book showcases a small portion of Jim's collectible magic. For many years he has sought out and discovered a wide range of magic-related items. This book shares several examples of such rare finds in color photographs and explanatory text. You will discover magical nutcrackers, greeting cards, action figures, games, dolls and punch-out books. See and read about some of the world's most exclusive limited edition magic books, Supreme apparatus, advertising premiums and themed magic sets. Eighteen categories in all with ten or so items in each category. A fun sampling of Jim's eclectic collection of magic. And just for you bibliophiles, the book design, layout and illustrations are gorgeous. 

Printed Soft Cover Book

Softcover, Full Color Throughout. $30.


The Dog-Gone GOOD Magic Show DVD

The Dog-Gone GOOD Magic Show DVD

Jim's Dog-Gone GOOD Magic Show is a perfect example of how to produce a theme magic show. Jim uses Pet Store Pranks, The Thing, Monkey Monte, the Floating Table and more. He weaves these tricks and more into a solid show built around the theme of "Animals." Studying Jim's routines and show structure can teach you how to use clever adaptations, smooth transitions and blended humor to strengthen your show. Parents, librarians and children all over have highly praised this show as fabulous entertainment.

Watch as Jim uses commercial and original magic in an exciting and entertaining program that has played hundreds of times and has enchanted and delighted thousands of spectators. See how well Jim handles children, draws in the adults in the audience, and provides his clients with a quality event. It is particularly fascinating to see how Jim has taken commercial effects and adapted them to fit his theme and his style. Join kidshow performers from all over the world who have benefitted from Jim's lectures, training and expertise in crafting a theme show.  Live Show on disc, 60 min DVD. $35.

The Reading Is Forever DVD

Reading Is Forever DVD

Live Non-Fiction Reading Show on DVD

Jim's Reading Is Forever program is a fine example of how to produce a school assembly program. It is bright, colorful, and fast-paced, yet it clearly leads children to discover and remember educational objectives. Each routine cites a specific example of a reading life-skill, and yet they all blend together into a single smooth program. Teachers, principals, PTA/PTO presidents and children all over have praised this show as fun, important and fabulously entertaining.

Using both commercial and original magic, Jim transforms carefully selected tricks and effects into educational routines. See the Compass Trick, Bookworms, Newspaper Tear, a Dove Pan and more transformed into meaningful stories that each combine a magical ending with a valuable lesson. You will garner some terrific performing and show structure tips from one of the country's top school show professionals.  Live show on disc, 60 min DVD. $35.

You Are the Star DVD

You Are the Star DVD

Live Character-Building Show on DVD

Jim's You Are the Star school program is no pasted-together, added-on effort. It was built from its inception to be a series of short lessons on character. Each of the six routines weaves a magical effect into a story with a moral about a common character trait. Watch how Jim incorporates magic in the lessons and turns productions, vanishes, transformations, and even mentalism into valuable life lessons.

This educational magic show about character is a perfect example of how to create the kind of program that schools want. It incorporates fun with learning - that means REAL entertainment mixed with REAL educational objectives. Designed and written by a master educator, this program really helps children learn and remember positive character traits. It is partly based on Taking Part, Jim's nationally-known social skills program, a teacher's publication used in schools all over the country. In seven magical routines, Jim explains and demonstrates the Six Pillars of Character, and provides a succinct wrap-up.

Careful selection of effects and clever transitions from one routine to the next make this show fun to watch. Students learn and remember the lessons by participating in a contest with the teachers, by interacting with the performer, and by watching surprising magical conclusions. With much comedy and lots of audience participation, this show has become a real favorite of Jim's school clients.  Live show on disc, 60 min DVD. $35.

Dragons & Dreams DVD

Dragons and Dreams DVD

Live Medieval Wizard Show on DVD

Jim Kleefeld presents his Wizard Magic Show to libraries and schools all over Ohio, and now you can watch. Look, study, and learn as this master performer demonstrates a fun-filled program that entertains children as it promotes reading. The many book and literature references make this show a hit with libraries, and the great comedy and audience participation make it a hit with children and their parents.

Dragons & Dreams is a perfect example of how to produce a themed magic show. Jim uses Crown Jewels, Wizard Hat Tear, D'Lites and more in a clever homage to fantasy literature. His Attaboy Knight routine is very novel and Dragon Egg Wizardry is truly a unique individualized prop, custom created just for this show. Jim's hilarious closing puppet dialogue with a literature-quoting, smoke-blowing dragon has to be seen to be believed. Parents, librarians and children all over have highly praised this show as one of Jim's best.

Watch as Jim blends old and new magic, & adds original creations into an exciting and entertaining program that has enchanted and delighted thousands of spectators. See excellent examples of how to handle children, draw in the adults in the audience, and assure clients of a quality event. It is particularly fascinating to watch how Jim uses transitions from one effect to another to create a show that flows effortlessly toward a fabulous conclusion.  Live show on disc, 60 min DVD. $35.

Reading Is Magic DVD

Reading Is Magic DVD

Live Reading Show on DVD

Join Master Educator and Magician Jim Kleefeld on this wonderful school assembly tour and watch him perform his complete elementary school assembly program on reading. Jim is a top educator with a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education. He has taught elementary and college students, and both mentored and supervised teachers. In addition, Jim has a degree in theater and many years of full-time professional magic experience. This wealth of background and experience gives Jim a unique perspective on school shows.

Reading Is Magic This program is more than just a "magic show," and more than just an "assembly program." It is a clever combination of fun and education that weaves specific books and authors into magical plots. Jim explores books like The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Caps for Sale, and Alice in Wonderland. He teaches vocabulary like "redundant," "dialogue," and "residue." He defines and shares genres of literature and clarifies the difference between fiction and biographies. He explains the use of "graphic organizers," an educational teaching tool used in classrooms. All this and more is woven into a program that has kids shouting, clapping, and laughing while they learn.

Watch as Jim blends old and new magic, & adds original creations into an exciting and entertaining program that has enchanted and delighted thousands of spectators. See excellent examples of how to handle children, draw in the adults in the audience, and assure clients of a quality event. It is particularly fascinating to watch how Jim uses transitions from one effect to another to create a show that flows effortlessly toward a fabulous conclusion.  Live show on Disc, 60 min DVD. $35.

The No-Bully Zone Program

The No-Bully Zone Program

Jim Kleefeld is now releasing his new educational program, The No-Bully Zone. This 45-minute educational school assembly program is a fully realized project that will enable you to produce, market and perform an important, educationally significant show. You receive a full video of the show, a complete show script, and the performing rights to present this show at schools in your area.

Included in the package:
* 48-page book with the full script, trick lists, and all details
* 75-minute DVD with a live show performance, and explanations
* 45-minute Audio CD with the complete script for rehearsal and memorizing
* CD-ROM with over 80 art files to help you produce and market the show
* trick instructions
* alternate trick suggestions
* promotion and marketing suggestions
* anti-bullying information and research
* resources list
* trick construction instructions
* Jim's full support and assistance through phone and e-mail

No 45-minute assembly program can end bullying in a school. But this one is a terrific way to define the concepts that need to be examined and discussed. It provides an excellent introduction and strong motivation to help teachers, principals and students begin a year-long school-wide program in their building. The No-Bully Zone has eight routines which teach anti-bullying concepts to elementary teachers and their students. Students will learn:
* how to identify bullies
* five types of bullying behavior
* how working together lessens bullying
* how bullying makes you feel
* what to do when you are being bullied
* an acronym to keep you S.A.F.E.
* how to open communication
* how bystanders can help
Each No-Bully Zone Program will be site-licensed to an individual performer for a specific geographic region. Call or e-mail Jim Kleefeld to secure your area. 

Book, DVD, Audio CD, CD-ROM with Art Files & Performance License - $495.

Because each purchaser is buying an exclusive performing rights license to a specific area, please contact Jim to see if your state or region is available

The Contract Book

This valuable reference for entertainers, recently updated, has been in print continuously since it was first published in 1988. It is a compendium of contracts and contract information geared especially for entertainers. Magicians, clowns, jugglers, musicians, ventriloquists and storytellers have all found the advice and information on contract invaluable. Besides a strong theory section on how and why to use contracts for shows, there is practical advice on paper, envelopes and printing.

The book's second section has 12 contract forms suitable for reproduction as is or on letterhead. Each form is supplemented with text that explains its various functions and clauses, such as cancellation or videotaping. There is also a section on booking sheets for keeping track of show arrangements. There are booking sheet examples and a sample cover letter for sending with contract mailings.  Softcover Book. $30.

Magishing Stuff

Magishing Stuff

Printed Soft Cover Book

Subtitled, Ideas and Art for Stand-Up Performance, this book includes sixteen magic tricks in full routines with explanations on how to make all of the necessary props. With detailed illustrations and full patter lines, these can easily be created by most individuals and put into shows quickly. All of the tricks are easy to construct with common materials. The numerous illustrations include full art and graphic designs for the tricks.

In addition to the tricks, there are insightful articles on creativity, give-aways, using assistants and booking information. A wonderfully useful table design concept completes the contents of this very useful book. Anyone with a bit of home handyman in them can make this very practical performer's table that doubles as a display stand and prop case. Many performers have purchased this book for the table design alone. Softcover Book.  $30.



Books, DVDs and other product are available by mail to magicians, performers and other entertainers. Show DVDs are for instructional purposes and are not licensed for public viewing.

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