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Books, DVDs and Products are available by mail to magicians, performers and other entertainers.

Order items here and pay through PayPal. You may also email or call Jim at (440) 937-5488 with your credit card information. Or, send your request and a check or money order to Jim Kleefeld, 33510 Jennie Road, Avon, Oh 44011 USA. Please check with Jim via email for shiping costs before completing your request. Generally small items are cheap, heavier ones are more, overseas costs are quite high because of high US Post Office fees.

Stately Spirits Show


Stately Spirits Show

Spirits Show Manual and License

Jim's novel and intriguing show, Ohio Spirits has quickly generated more new shows and income than any other he has mounted in the past. Libraries, Senior Centers, Historical Societies and more are flocking to hear the fabulous ghost stories, to see aged artifacts from haunted places, and to experience strange phenomena. This highly regarded and well-received show literally fills an entire October calendar as well as many other dates throughout the year.

Present your own localized Spirits Show with Jim's manual, videos and license. You get not one but two full videos of one-hour shows, recorded live at two locations. You also get a full video explanation of the tricks and routines, numerous short videos of tricks and effects, and lots of artwork including show logos, eerie photographs and more, all on one convenient flash drive that will work on any computer. In addition, you receive a 60-page manual with instructions, effects, routines, Jim's complete one-hour script, tips, suggestion, promotion and more. You even get bookmarks, postcards, and a bonus copy of the BOR book Jim sells to patrons of the program.

You are buying the rights to mount a localized spirit show that can make you a generous amount of money, for years to come. Do you live in Georgia? Jim teaches you how to develop the Georgia Spirits Show. Live in Massachusetts? You can mount The New England Spirit Show. Live close to London? Create the Haunted London Show. You decide, so you can catch the attention of clients by making this show personal to your location. This is not a kidshow. It's part storytelling, part magic, part lecture - just the right combination to make adult audiences a tiny bit squeamish, and leave them begging for more tales of ghosts and haunted places.

Stately Spirits Show - Flash Drive, Manual & License - $595

Horror Verite

Classic Film Verite

An Incredible Bit of Mentalism
The appearance of being able to actually read someone's mind. Have your audience pass around a set of cards with 32 different classic film posters. The set includes all-time “most popular” films like Gone With the Wind, The Godfather, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, and Pulp Fiction. Each card has a film poster on the front and a list of films from the set on the back.You have no idea who has which film poster. Have anyone choose one and think about the title. They read the names of the films from their card, and you tell them exactly which film they are thinking of. In addition, you tell them the exact number of film critics who voted for that film out of all films. Repeat the effects with anyone else. They think of a film and read the same list of titles. You always know which film your spectator is thinking of and the unique number of votes the list got. An amazing secret, so easy you will be doing it in minutes. No crib sheets. Nothing to memorize. Nothing extra to carry. Use just the 32 postcards. Extra-thick, heavy stock, full color, glossy varnish, rounded corners. Complete with a sturdy snap-closure carrying case. Use all 32 cards or just slip ten or twelve into your pocket and still perform it exactly the same way. Combine this card set with Cinema Verite and use 64 different film cards. Classic Film Verite has all different films and cards including very well-known films like The Princess Bride, Toy Story, Casablanca, Singin‘ In the Rain, Titanic, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Newly added - not one, but TWO incredible effects. Reveal their thought-of film title and a unique film critic number. Perform it any time, anywhere with anyone who can read and think. Good for close-up or a full auditorium. Do it over and over with one spectator, or thirty times with thirty different spectators. No one will fathom the secret. Like Cinema Verite, it is incredibly easy.
Classic Film Verite - $50


Haunted Bottles

A Spooky Multiplying Bottle Routine Especially for Halloween

Jim’s hand-made, carefully crafted creepy Multiplying Bottles routine for Halloween or any bizarre occasion. Spider Venom, Zombie Virus, Newt Juice - you magically produce nine bottles of creepy, witchy potions from two Apothecary canisters. Custom painted to look old and creepy and stored in a handsome, sturdy flip-lid box. Includes Gruella’s Apothecary sign and full instructions.  Haunted Bottles $400




Magic & Mentalism with Locks


The ultimate examination of the Seven Keys to Baldpate plot and the use of locks in mentalism and magic. Locked is 360 pages of tricks, routines, explanations, research and history of lock effects. It contains details of 116 lock products, descriptions of 107 published lock routines, explanations of 26 gaffed and gimmicked lock methods, 62 original never-before-published routines, 120 photographs of lock items, and 85 original illustrations, including fully detailed drawings of gaffed lock mechanisms. Locked was compiled and written by Jim Kleefeld, with a little help from friends like Paul Daniels, Richard Osterlind, Ray Carlisle, John Archer, Paul Hallas, Danny Archer, Ken Dyne, Dan Harlan, Stephen Minch, Wayne Dobson, Mark Strivings, Tim Ellis, Mick Hanzlik and more. Locked is fully illustrated in hardcover with a laminated full-color dust jacket.

Locked is the biggest, best book in mentalism this year and one you will use and refer to over and over with dozens of routines that use padlocks, keys, combination locks, locked boxes, locked car doors, house keys and more. There are fully scripted routines that are serious, romantic, funny, bizarre, historical, dramatic, magical, mental, mysterious and outrageous. It has material suitable for stage, close-up, parlor, table-hopping, kidshows, and strolling. Locked is the book to get, read, savor, study and enjoy, now and for years to come.
Locked - Hardcover with dustjacket - $85

Johnny Appleseed Trick

Johnny Appleseed Trick

An Educational Routine with Props 

Jim's very clever and educational Johnny Appleseed Trick is a terrific adaptation of the Strat-O-Spheres prop. In this routine, you replace the balls with apples and tells the story of how Johnny Appleseed traveled the land planting different kinds of apples. Use this for schools shows on nutrition or reading (biography of Johnny Appleseed), or put it into historical shows for schools, festivals or fairs. You will get the full routine with all of Jim's patter and explanations, plus Jim's original color laser-printed artwork on index stock that you can use to turn your equipment into the Johnny Appleseed props, plus realistic apples that are exactly the right size and weight for the Strat-o-Spheres prop. Includes apple kettle art for both doors of the Gung Ho Box, plus apples and tree art for both sides of the tube. Supply your own Strat-O-Spheres.  Full Routine and Artwork plus four Apples - $55


Books, DVDs and other product are available by mail to magicians, performers and other entertainers. Show DVDs are for instructional purposes and are not licensed for public viewing.

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