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OThe Wizard's Hat Magic Show

Geared for children & families!
Emphasis on books and reading!
Lots of audience participation!
Lots of comedy and magic!
Suitable for any setting or audience!
Easy to arrange - just
email or phone 440-937-5488!

Jim's magic show all about hats is a fun treat for any time of year. It has bright colorful props, lots of audience interaction, and comedy galore. Childrenget to assist often, and are always able to accomplish some magic on their own. You'll see a new take on the rabbit froma top hat - not to give away too much, but it involves a well-known Dr. Seuss character, and a well-known striped hat. An old-fashioned dunce cap is explained and (because it was never a very nice thing to have) it changes into a Wizard's Cap just like magic!

James Kleefeld - Magical Entertainer

In The Wizard's Hat Magic Show, Jim and his audience have lots of fun with hats of all kinds. A paper hat grows and grows untilit is too large for the assistant who helps out. Then a monster face appears on it!. Another hat changes color six times.while yet another hat appears out of nowhere. Jim shows the Ezra Jack Keats book, Jennie's Hat and suddenly there are six real hats inside of it! Moment after moment, the fun grows as youngsters and adults watch in awe and wonder. As always, there is a lot of comedy and a lot of audience participation.

To arrange for a program, just click this card or phone Jim.

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