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The Spirits Speak

Great for Adults and Teens!
Demonstration of Spirit Medium Effects!
Explanation of Fake Spirit Medium Trickery!
Exhibits of Antique Spiritualism Artifacts!
Interactive Audience Participation!
Spooky Events May Occur!
Suitable for Any Setting or Size of Audience!
One Hour Long & Self-Contained!
Easy to arrange - just email or phone 440-937-5488!

The Spirits Speak

Do you want an appealing adult program? Would you like to see more people come to the library? Jim Kleefeld, Ohio's master library presenter, has produced this new program for adults. The Spirits Speak is a 60-minute demonstration and explanation of deception in spiritualism from the early 1900s. Jim tells stories of spirit mediums who charged people exorbitant fees to talk to the dead, all the while using trickery and secret assistants. The Spirits Speak is a presentation adults will love. Jim brings a collection of antique and unusual artifacts and will demonstrate how turn-of-the-century mediums tried to initiate contact with spirits. You will see and learn about Spirit Trumpets, Voiceless Dolls, Ectoplasm, Message Frames, and various spiritualist powers.

Can a voice from the past speak through a trumpet?

Will an empty frame find its missing photograph?

Where did ectoplasm come from?

Can people who have passed on leave messages for the living?

Intriguing tales of how spiritualists tried to fool Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle - a fascinating look into legends of the spirit world, including hoaxes, deceptions and fakes. Hear stories, see displays, investigate phenomena, discover books and research from the world of trying to speak with the dead. As always, Jim includes many references to the books, papers and online research he has used while investigating this fascinating past.

How many strong, professional programs are there being offered to the adults and Young Adults in civic centers and libraries? If you have searched hard, you may have found a couple. Jim Kleefeld has the background in teaching and the experience in education and libraries to know. The Spirits Speak program is ideal for adult and teen audiences. It will not only attract them to literature but encourage them to use the library to find out more about topics which really appeal to them.

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About Jim Kleefeld's Programs

Like all of Jim's shows, each library program is a professionally scripted show, written with proper sequencing for high and low spots to provide the audience with lots of excitement and prevent their minds from wandering. People who are called on to assist are always rewarded and never embarrassed. Librarians and teachers always comment on how wonderfully Jim handles his audiences.

Jim Kleefeld's thirty-plus years of experience provide you with the reassurance that each program will be fun, entertaining and interesting. Every year he performs at hundreds of libraries all over Ohio with new specially-themed programs. One after another, Jim's stories and routines will keep patrons enthralled and fascinated. As always, there is a lot of audience participation.

Jim's programs are self-contained. He always brings all of his own props and tables, has specially-tailored costuming and carries his wireless "anywhere" sound system. This is a program that can be performed in almost any location: auditoriums, classrooms, meeting rooms large or small, even outdoors. It can be adjusted to be suitable for groups of from 10 to 250. Jim's fee is very reasonable, he never charges extra for mileage, and he gives a discount for multiple shows.

To arrange for a program, just click this card or phone Jim.

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