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Wild West Magic Show

Geared for children & families!
Emphasis on books and reading!
Lots of audience participation!
Lots of comedy and magic!
Suitable for any setting or audience!
Easy to arrange - just
email or phone 440-937-5488!

This fun magic show is all about taming the Wild West. Jim takes kids on a fun romp along with a new pet rattlesnake, a buzzard that sings, roped cattle and barbed wire fences that get an audience volunteer right tangled up. You'll hear about special assistance from the Native Spirit and how a couple of fine sheriffs outfoxed a wily bandit. That outlaw ends up in jail thanks to a little volunteer assistance (and a little magic!) It's all fun, fun, fun, with lots of magic but no guns.

James Kleefeld - Magical Entertainer

As always, there is a lot of comedy and a lot of audience participation. And Jim provides something for everyone - many parents comment on how well Jim handles children, so they love to watch. He even adds some special humor just for the adults. They'll be talking for days about how funny that crusty old buzzard was, and what made him move like that!

To arrange for a program, just click this card or phone Jim.

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Jim Kleefeld
Magical Entertainer
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