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What do you get with the Virtual Show?

1. A Viewable Video - Jim sends you a link that you can share with anyone.
2. A Filmed Magic Show - Watch Jim perform many fantasy-themed magic routines.
3. Intractive Magic - Kids discover magic by touching the screen and making choices.
4. A Magic Lesson - Jim shows a trick and then TEACHES the viewers how to make and perform it.
5. Book References - Magic tricks are coupled with a book that Jim shows and discusses.
6. Promoted Reading - Jim motivates children to read more about fantasy and fairy tales.
7. Puppet Routine - Watch Jim's very funny puppet, Chicken Little, who is afraid of everything.
8. No Risk! - View from Child-Friendly YouTube, NOT hackable conference apps like Zoom or SlipStream
9. Very Affordable - Contact Jim for a VERY GENEROUS and affordable offer.
10. Easy to arrange - just email or phone 440-937-5488!

Check out the video trailer of the Virtual Fantasy Magic Show

Jim Kleefeld's Virtual Fantasy Magic

Jim’s new show Virtual Fantasy Magic Show is 55 minutes long, highlights books and reading, is suitable for ages 4-12 and entertaining for parents as well as children. And, as they are every year, Jim's new show is FUNNY! Kids and grown-ups alike will be laughing out loud at home. This is a high-quality video, filmed at a recording studio with a professional videographer.

Help promote reading and fun by allowing your patrons to link through and watch this amazing magic show on video at home.
You get a YouTube video link which you can share with anyone. Families tune in at home on phones, TVs or computers and watch.

Kids PARTICPATE by touching the screen, choosing objects and spelling words to make the magic happen.

Kids and families actually MAKE the magic happen as they raise hands, wiggle fingers and call out the magic words.
The exclusive link will be for YOUR library and YOUR Patrons to use. NO OTHER LIBRARY or client anywhere will be watching YOUR magic show.

And now, for the BEST NEWS of all.

There is a fee to receive the video link, but the COST of this program is SO LOW it is affordable by virtually ANY library.

Contact Jim for full details, but I guarantee that you will be AMAZED at how low the fee is for this unique program.

Children Love Jim Kleefeld!

Librarians all over Ohio hire Jim year after year. Why? His show sparkles with laughter, comedy, amazing magic and professionalism. Jim has many years of experience in creating and presenting shows especially for Library Summer Reading Clubs. He is prompt, professional and polished. As a former Kindergarten teacher, Jim really knows young children. He gets them to help, and always treats them kindly and with respect. In addition, Jim's intelligence and wit keep their parents watching and enjoying the show as much as their kids. And, best of all - you won't have to do a thing except invite the audience! Jim's show is 45 minutes and completely self-contained with a professional table, props, equipment, sound system and music. He will arrive early, bring everything he needs, and set up quickly. Jim Kleefeld is polite, friendly, warm, experienced, and dependable. In 35 years of performing, he has never missed a show. As always, there is one single reasonable flat fee - nothing extra, not even a mileage fees.

To arrange for a program, just click this card or phone Jim.

Email Jim Kleefeld

Jim Kleefeld
Magical Entertainer
33510 Jennie Road
Avon, Ohio 44011-2042
(440) 937-5488

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