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Books, DVDs and Products are available by mail to magicians, performers and other entertainers.

Order items here and pay through PayPal. You may also email or call Jim at (440) 937-5488 with your credit card information. Or, send your request and a check or money order to Jim Kleefeld, 33510 Jennie Road, Avon, Oh 44011 USA. Please check with Jim via email for shiping costs before completing your request. Generally small items are cheap, heavier ones are more, overseas costs are quite high because of high US Post Office fees.

  The Grinch Coloring Book

The Grinch 4-Way Coloring Book

Great for Christmas Shows

Make your Christmas Magic Show special by adding this fun Grinch Colorng Book. This is a special hand-cut 4-Way flip book that you can show as full of blank pages, or full of line drawings of familiar Grinch characters. It has Max the Dog,and Cindy Lou Who, and Presents, and Roast Beast, and More! You can easily flip through the book in any order, changing drawings to colored pages to scribbled pages to blank pages, or changing neat pages to messy pages to blank pages to empty line drawings, or any other sequence. Professionally printed on heavy paper with no show-through. Made with thumb-access flip tabs, not sloppy slanted cuts. Toss that old standard "magic" coloring book that kids all know by heart, and use a Coloring Book no kid has ever seen before. The Grinch Magic Coloring Book for the working pro. Combine with two other flip books to get the special "Three for $100" deal.
Grinch 4-Way Coloring Book - $45

Personalized Christmas Banners

Personalized Christmas Banners

7-Foot Banners Custom-Made With Your Name & Show Title

Choose a Design
Announce your Holiday Show and set the stage with these HUGE personalized banners. Each is 33 inches wide and 78 inches tall. Over 7 feet tall, custom printed on heavy vinyl.  Each will be personalized just for you. Simply let Jim know what wording you want and where. Announce your Show Name, your own name, your website or phone number. Decide on two or three lines of text. Jim will use seasonal fonts and lettering to make your banner personal. These pictures show a sample of what can be done, but feel free to make your own options. Jim will custome design your lettering with the wording and colors you want. Each banner includes a slick and sturdy base with fold-out feet and upright support. The banner is spring loaded into the base. Just pull it out like a windowshade, set the pole in place and you have a beautiful large backdrop or side curtain. The finished banner is lightweight, sturdy and built to last a lifetime. Order two, and put one on either side of your stage area to frame the show. If you want two, Jim can flip the image on one to make the left and right sisde mirror each other. Banners come in any one of four designs. Just choose from Santa flying his SLeigh, a Life-sized Christmasd Tree.a cute seasonal Snowman, or a soft Winter Night scene. This will ship quickly and you willhave it sooner than you think! It takes about a week for the banner to be designed, printed and shipped directly to you, so you will have yours in no time. After you order and use PayPal, contact Jim by email and give him your personalization design choices.
 Christmas Banners, custom designed and printed, shipped direct - $285 each.




All About Character School Assembly Program

Program Video, Manual and License

This is a fabulously successful elementary school assembly program Jim has used for years. It can generate tens of thousands of dollars of income for you. This is the very type of program schools are looking for and will pay to book. NOT a magic show, but an educational assembly with objectives and lessons about Trustworthiness, Honesty, Perseverance and more, all taught through fun magic routines.

Present your own All About Character program to schools and you WILL get return bookings. All of the tricks and routines for the show are explained in the manual. You get instructions for the full show, a video of a school assembly program, recorded live at an elementary school. You also get a full video explanation of the tricks and routines. In addition, you receive a 60-page manual with instructions, effects, routines, Jim's complete script, tips, suggestion, promotion and more. You even get many additonal routine and trick ideas in case you want to change or switch out some of the tricks Jim uses.

You are buying the rights and the tools you need to mount this educational assembly in your area. Offer it to PTAs, PTOs. Elementary Schools, Libraries or community events.

All About Character School Assembly Program - Flash Drive with videos, Printed Manual & License to Perform $595

  Wizard of Oz 4-Way Coloring Book tabillus

Wizard of Oz 4-Way Coloring Book

High Quality Universal Magic Coloring Book With Tabs

The Wizard of Oz 4-Way Magic Coloring Book is usable any time in any show. Blank pages become filled with drawings that tell the famous L. Frank Baum story, then those same pictures become colored with messy scribbles, then magically become neatly colored. Custom-designed and printed, hand-cut with Jim's unique tab system so you can flip through the pages 4 different ways and never move your fingers to the middle or bottom of the book. Heavy white paper with no show-through, sturdy card stock cover in full color, made to last forever, a fun generic theme, but NO tell-tale "magician prop" art on the cover, 4 changes. The BEST All-Purpose Coloring Book on the market, perfect for generic magic, family, birthday, school, daycare, or any other type of shows. Use it all year long, any time, in any show, because it looks just like a real, unfeked, innocent coloring book. Wizard of Oz 4-Way Coloring Book - $45


Verite Expansion Set

Increase Audience Participation

Introducing a special reduced-price set. You get 32 duplicate film poster cards - all of the same ones you received when you bought Classic Film Verite, but at a lower cost. Add these to your original set of cards and you will have dozens more film posters to pass out. Note: This Expansion Set has NO INSTRUCTIONS, just cards, so you must own and know how to use Classic Film Verite. Up your game - involve large audiences, give everyone a handful instead of 2 or 3 cards.    Classic Film Verite Expansion Set $40


The Book Test Book

The Definitive Book on the Subject

There is finally a complete history and encyclopedic reference book on book tests, all explained, described, and routined. Hundreds of book tests for mentalists and magicians are categorized by method and sorted chronologically. Examining the premise from 1584 to 2020, The Book Test Book explores hundreds of variations on the use of books to read minds. This 320-page hardcover lists over 500 book tests as detailed in books and magazines, and describes over 400 commercial book tests published and sold from the 1930s up to the present. The book includes 130 original color illustrations and over 1200 color photographs so you can clearly see the covers of book tests cited. The information is carefully cross-referenced with a full bibliography and three separate full indices, and is full color throughout.    The Book Test Book - $125


The Book Test Book Deluxe Edition

Signed & Numbered Edition With Extras

The Deluxe Edition is signed and numbered and comes packaged with three facsimile book tests from the 1930s (one hardcover and two softcover), two Hubert Brill Word-O Book Test gimmicks, a The Book Test Book bookmark, and an exclusive imprinted ribbon bookmark.  The Book Test Book Deluxe Edition - $195

“Erdnase “Erdnase

Erdnase Three Ways Blow Book

Very Limited Edition

A high quality display book for Erdnase aficionados, this 60-page paperback faithfully reproduces much of the content of The Expert at the Card Table as an old-fashioned Blow Book. Flip through to show all of the pages have Erdnase's original text but no drawings. Flip again to show all of the pages have only M.D. Smith's drawings. Flip a third time to show the text and drawings together. Professionally published, then individually hand cut with precise tabs. Produced in a VERY limited quantity. Be one of only a dozen people in the world to own this intriguing product. (Note: this is not a fully readable version, as the original text has been greatly reduced and edited, but it is a faithful facsimile of the look and style of the pages.)   Erdnase Three Ways Blow Book - $75 Postpaid

Books, DVDs and other product are available by mail to magicians, performers and other entertainers. Show DVDs are for instructional purposes and are not licensed for public viewing.

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