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Books, DVDs and Magic Products offered by Jim Kleefeld

Books, DVDs and Products are available by mail to magicians, performers and other entertainers.

Order items here and pay through PayPal. You may also email or call Jim at (440) 937-5488 with your credit card information. Or, send your request and a check or money order to Jim Kleefeld, 33510 Jennie Road, Avon, Oh 44011 USA. Please check with Jim via email for shiping costs before completing your request. Generally small items are cheap, heavier ones are more, overseas costs are quite high because of high US Post Office fees.


Romantic Verite

Love On Their Minds

The latest edition in Jim's classic Verite series. Dozens of posters of famous popular romance films like Love Story, Seepless in Seattle, My Fair Lady, Shakespeare in Love, When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook and more. Perfect for After-Proms, Wedding Receptions, Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, or Senior Centers where older adults love the nostalgia of romance. Works just like the other Verite sets. Let someone choose a movie and read the list of film titles on the card. You instantly know which one they are thinking of. Includes a second effect - you tell them the unique Set Number and Card Number of any film card. Same handy size, same sturdy glossy cards. Use this set alone or add them to your other Verite sets.   Romantic Verite $50


How Red Got Her Name

A Magical Fairy Tale Story

A cute and clever story about Emma, who traveled to see her Grandmother on the other side of the woods. Her mother made her a white cloak, but she couldn’t be seen in the snowy Winter forest. So she changed it to a green cloak, but Emma couldn’t be seen in the lush Spring forest. She changed it to an orange cloak, but that could not be seen in Fall, so she magically changed it into a bright Red Riding Hood, and that’s how Emma got her nickname. Comes with plain white, green, orange and red silks, plus four beautiful and bright custom-printed WonderImagery silks with four images of Emma in her colorful Riding Hoods and Jim’s wonderful and imaginative script. Use your own Change Bag.    How Red Got Her Name Props & Routine $99


Fantasy Magic

Tricks and Routines for Fairy Tale & Fantasy Magic Shows

Fantasy Magic is JimKleefeld’s biggest and best book to date for themed kidshows. Fantasy Magic is stuffed full of new and original tricks with a Fairy Tale and Fantasy theme. It has 75 tricks, 330 pages, 667 illustrations, 75 tricks, 695 art files, 17 pages of jokes, 75 fairy tale and fantasy tricks, a 30-page bibliography of children’s books, 75 tricks, 2 very funny vent routines, 104 fonts, 75 tricks, 46 art folders, and dozens of scripts. Oh, and 75 tricks. It comes on a credit-card sized USB flash drive loaded with one large and impressive pdf book plus 46 folders full of art and fonts.PDF file plus tons of art, shipped on a custom flash drive readable on any computer.    $59, flash drive


Fantasy Magic sb Book

Just the printed book, no art.

This is a printed, published perfectbound version of the book. No art, no digital files, no fonts, just the full text, routines and explanations, all in black and white. It is suitable for those who never print and make up tricks, but want some fresh routine ideas.    $49, printed book ONLY


Fantasy Magic Combo Pack

Flash Drive & Printed Book

The same flash drive as above, but combined with a printed paperback book, in case you want to hold and read a physical product. This book is professionally published, perfectbound in softcover. You still get the printable art files on the flash drive.    $89, printed book and flash drive.


Desired State

Easy Yet Baffling Mind Reading
Developed by Jonathan Kanter & Jim Kleefeld

Have someone choose one of the 50 states in the U.S. for an imaginary visit. Let them name their state mixed in with a dozen other states. You always know which one is their chosen state. Incredibly easy to do, yet mind-bogglingly baffling. The props include postcards, but this is NOT Classic Film Verite - it works on a different principle, so you will fool everyone, even "those in the know." Includes 50 vintage state postcards and full instructions.    Desired State - $40

Books, DVDs and other product are available by mail to magicians, performers and other entertainers. Show DVDs are for instructional purposes and are not licensed for public viewing.

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