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Books, DVDs and Products are available by mail to magicians, performers and other entertainers.

Order items here and pay through PayPal. You may also email or call Jim at (440) 937-5488 with your credit card information. Or, send your request and a check or money order to Jim Kleefeld, 33510 Jennie Road, Avon, Oh 44011 USA. Please check with Jim via email for shiping costs before completing your request. Generally small items are cheap, heavier ones are more, overseas costs are quite high because of high US Post Office fees.

Halloween Coloring Book

Halloween Coloring Book

Spooky, Cartoony Fun for Kidshows
Everyone loves the Magic Coloring Book, but they all look alike. Now you can have one especially made for Halloween shows. Bright, cartoony pictures. THe book can be shown with all blank pages, or all pages with black and white Halloween character line drawings or all colored pictures. BEst of all, the colored pages really look like they ere colored. Each drawing was scanned in black and white, then hand colored with real crayons, then digitizd for printing. They really do look like a child neatly crayoned on all of the pages. Use your favorite routine and change the pages from drawings to colored to blank or any other sequence. Professionally printed by a book publisher and permaently bound for a truly great and lasting prop.
Halloween Coloring Book - $40

Santa's Flip Book

Santa's Flip Book

Make Your Own Christmas Flip Books

Great for Santas or anyone doing magic for Christmas shows. A complete treatise on how to make Christmas-themed Magic Coloring Books, this 50-page book teaches you everything you need to kmnow to make your own flip books AND gives you all the art! Flip through and show all drawings, then flip again and the drawings change to colored pictures. Or change messy scribbled pictures into neatly colored pictures. Change lonely, lazy elves into working elves with toys. Or change elves into skunks! Includes a flash drive with pages and pages of art -- black and white line drawings, colored pictures, scribbled picturs, fine art pictures, tons of toys, Victorian scenes, loads of Santas and more. Make all the Naughty Lists change to all Nice Lists. Tell the Night Before Christmas story with words only, then pictures only, then both! Choose any of 10 different Flip Book projects - print, bind and trim - you are ready to go entertain with a fun magic routine.
Santa's Flip Books, softcover book PLUS Flash Drive - $45

  50th Anniversary Show Poster

50th Anniversary Show Poster

Same Image: Large Poster - 18x24 or Small Poster - 11x15

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In 2021, Jim Kleefeld is celebrating 50 years of continuous Library Magic Shows. Every year since 1971, Jim has created a new and different magic show that celebrates books and reading.
In addition to those 50 shows he has created holiday shows, school assembly shows, virtual shows, and adult presentations, making a total of 81 unique original entertainment programs.
To celebrate, Jim is offering a poster filled with miniatures of the posters he has used over the years to promote those shows. Order a large (18x24) poster for $13 or a small (11x15) poster for only $11. It will be neatly rolled and shipped in a sturdy mailing tube.

Get inspired! Get Jim Kleefeld’s career-spanning show poster. You may find some great ideas for yourself just by scanning the plethora of events depicted here.

Jim Kleefeld's 50th Anniversary Show Poster - Large $13, Small $11


Barn Door

Click the link below and get a free downloadable animal-themed magic trick you can use for Virtual Shows or In-Person presentations. Read the instructions and print three pages to hold up and show at your presentation and you will have kids and families participating in a clever and interactive routine.

And check out the Tales of Tails Printables below for more great animal-themed kidshow tricks.
This exciting Flash Drive is full of great tricks to use with children and family audiences, and is very reasonably priced with over 60 variations of 11 different effects.

Download the free Barn Door trick and instructions here.

  Tales of Tails Printables

Tales of Tails Printables

E-Book and Art Files about Animal Magic

Get ready for 2021 library shows with Tales of Tails Printables, A new approach to a summer reading club theme book. This set gives you all new art in a very user-friendly format designed for simple home printing to make up multiple routines your own way. All of the tricks and routines use pictures of animals - animals in tales and animals with tails. The trick possibilities are endless. Use the files to make my versions as per the instructions, or combine pictures to make your own versions and variations. Pets, farm animals, wild animals, forest animals, ocean animals, reptiles, sea life, and more. Specially prepared art files and instructions so you can perform Coloring Contest, McCombical Deck, ClipLit, Making Choices, Out to Lunch, Temple Screen, Magic Flip Books, Flip Monte, Torn and Restored Signs, Coloring Books, Scribble Books and more,This custom credit-card-sized flash drive works in any USB port and has 11 trick routine files with up to 7 variations of each trick. It iincludes 62 folders full of art with over 436 art files and a 60-page pdf book of instructions & routines. This year’s Summer Library Theme Show project is a bit differnt than the ten previous ones. There are no fonts, no joke pages, and no bibliography. This was especially designed to be easier for you to use and cheaper for you to afford. By cutting down on the contents a bit, athe cost could be dropped to much less than previous years. But Tales of Tails Printables still has the same clever tricks and high quality art that you have come to expect. Tales of Tails Printables Art and E-Book on a Custom Flash Drive, for Mac or Windows - $39

Tales of Tails Printables Combo Pack

Tales of Tails Printables Combo Pack

Flash Drive with PDf Book and Art Files Plus a Softcover Professionally Printed Book

Get all of the art files, plus get both the pdf file on a flash drive AND a professionally printed and bound printed copy of the book. The pdf copy can be read on your computer, or enjoy reading the softcover copy in the comfort of your easy chair. You still get all of the computer files and art, PLUS a printed copy of the book. The printed book is not available separately.  Tales of Tails Printables Art and E-Book on a Flash Drive, PLUS a Printed Copy - $62



The Book Test Book

The Definitive Book on the Subject

There is finally a complete history and encyclopedic reference book on book tests, all explained, described, and routined. Hundreds of book tests for mentalists and magicians are categorized by method and sorted chronologically. Examining the premise from 1584 to 2020, The Book Test Book explores hundreds of variations on the use of books to read minds. This 320-page hardcover lists over 500 book tests as detailed in books and magazines, and describes over 400 commercial book tests published and sold from the 1930s up to the present. The book includes 130 original color illustrations and over 1200 color photographs so you can clearly see the covers of book tests cited. The information is carefully cross-referenced with a full bibliography and three separate full indices, and is full color throughout.    The Book Test Book - $125


The Book Test Book Deluxe Edition

Signed & Numbered Edition With Extras

The Deluxe Edition is signed and numbered and comes packaged with three facsimile book tests from the 1930s (one hardcover and two softcover), two Hubert Brill Word-O Book Test gimmicks, a The Book Test Book bookmark, and an exclusive imprinted ribbon bookmark.  The Book Test Book Deluxe Edition - $195

“Erdnase “Erdnase

Erdnase Three Ways Blow Book

Very Limited Edition

A high quality display book for Erdnase aficionados, this 60-page paperback faithfully reproduces much of the content of The Expert at the Card Table as an old-fashioned Blow Book. Flip through to show all of the pages have Erdnase's original text but no drawings. Flip again to show all of the pages have only M.D. Smith's drawings. Flip a third time to show the text and drawings together. Professionally published, then individually hand cut with precise tabs. Produced in a VERY limited quantity. Be one of only a dozen people in the world to own this intriguing product. (Note: this is not a fully readable version, as the original text has been greatly reduced and edited, but it is a faithful facsimile of the look and style of the pages.)   Erdnase Three Ways Blow Book - $75 Postpaid


Romantic Verite

Love On Their Minds

The latest edition in Jim's classic Verite series. Dozens of posters of famous popular romance films like Love Story, Seepless in Seattle, My Fair Lady, Shakespeare in Love, When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook and more. Perfect for After-Proms, Wedding Receptions, Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, or Senior Centers where older adults love the nostalgia of romance. Works just like the other Verite sets. Let someone choose a movie and read the list of film titles on the card. You instantly know which one they are thinking of. Includes a second effect - you tell them the unique Set Number and Card Number of any film card. Same handy size, same sturdy glossy cards. Use this set alone or add them to your other Verite sets.   Romantic Verite $50

Books, DVDs and other product are available by mail to magicians, performers and other entertainers. Show DVDs are for instructional purposes and are not licensed for public viewing.

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