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Special Fizz, Boom, Read! Projects for Summer 2014 Library Shows! Check These Out! Only $10 each!

Order Jim Kleefeld's Fizz, Boom, Read! Project items here and pay through PayPal. Each Project costs just $10 US. You may also email or call Jim at (440) 937-5488. Or, send your request (include specific projects by number, and include your email address) and a check or money order to Jim Kleefeld, 33510 Jennie Road, Avon, Oh 44011 USA. 

 Fizz, Boom, Read! Projects are available by email to magicians, performers and other entertainers. Fizz, Boom, Read tricks and routines are for individual and personal use only and are and are not licensed for resale or commercial marketing.

Click the Buy Now button to buy any single Project, then checkout.  To avoid PayPal shipping charges, items will not be combined in a a Shopping Cart, and must be purchased individually.

All Fizz, Boom, Read Projects are pdf and/or jpeg files and will be sent electronically - there is no physical CD or disc. You must include an email address for the products to be delivered.

Fizz Boom Logo

A fantastic logo design ready for you to use on your table, posters, signs, flyers, or web page. Custom art that says "Fizz" in bubbly letters, "Book" in bursting letters and "Read" in LED readout style set on a background of bubbles, explosion and circuit boards. It just screams "SCIENCE!" The logo has been altered into two designs, one with a bright background and one with a light pale background. Each style has been created in three sizes - a very large 11x17 size, perfect for printing as is for a table or wall sign, a smaller one just right for adding to flyers and a tiny one that is compact and ready for use on a web page. In addition, Jim includes jpegs of three large backgrounds - bubbles, explosion and circuit board. Also included is a pdf manual that gives many ideas on how to use the art. Only $10 for all of it. A compressed file with folder, pdf and jpegs will be sent via email. Usable on Mac or PC.

The Proper Solution

Explain that scientists often make near miracles just by combining the proper solutions in the right proportions to make new products like shampoo, motor oil or energy drinks. You show five printed cards with pictures of beakers of different colored solutions. Only one color beaker is the PROPER one. Give a helper her free choice of any one of the five. Show the audience the one proper solution - it is exactly the one she picked! The helper has a free choice, but is always right! Works every time. Make up a set using real liquid in science beakers or display images on flat cards and avoid carrying glass or liquids, your choice. Custom art for 24 Solutions, plus bottle labels, plus full instructions to make and present the routine. Only $10 for all of it. A compressed file with folder, pdf and jpegs will be sent via email. Usable on Mac or PC.

  Fizz Boom Fonts

Just what you need for making your Fizz Boom Magic Show look scientific. Thirty-eight hand-selected fonts that promote or reflect science. Catchy lettering that looks like LED lights, puffs of smoke, sparks, exploding forms, chalkboard handwriting, even pictures of lab equipment. Only $10 for 38 fonts. A compressed file with TTF fonts will be sent via email. Usable on Mac or PC.

  A Pair of Wellingtons

Fully scripted routines for two popular scientific magic tricks available from Wellington Enterprises, the Magic Switchboard and Newton's Nightmare. Jim gives you the sources to buy these great items and full explanations on how to make the best use of them in your Fizz Boom Read Magic Show. The Switchboard comes in two versions, a large and a battery-powered mini. Jim describes how each is different so you can decide if you want to get one or the other. Likewise, Newton's Nighmare comes in $20 and $150 versions, both of which are explained. The Switchboard demonstrates simple electricity and then provides a magic element of surprise. Newton's Nightmare routine is great for a discussion of the effects of gravity, perfect for this year's science theme. Also included are two original art files to print and use in the routines. Bonus: An idea and routine for a prop you already have that you did not think of using this year. Only $10 for all routines and art. A compressed file with folder, pdf and jpegs will be sent via email. Usable on Mac or PC.

  Clip Lit Science

A special science-themed version of Jim's popular Clip=Lit trick. First you show six large pictures of science gadgets. You set aside one picture out of the six as a prediction. Then, a child comes to the front and you show him a long envelope with the same six pictures on a strip of paper inside. He chooses any place on the envelope and cuts it in half. You remove the cut strip of paper from inside the envelope and find that he chose the microscope, exactly the one you predicted. The helper really does have a free choice and can cut the paper in half at any one of six places. Yet he always gets the correct one, and your prediction is alwys right. Your prediction can even be a different one in different shows. It's e-z peezee to make: just print some large pictures for cards, print strips of paper for envelopes and cutting strips, then bring some scissors. Only $10, complete with the full routine and art. A compressed file with folder, pdf and jpegs will be sent via email. Usable on Mac or PC.

  Find the Scientist

This is a clever routine with some very bright and cute art. You will LOVE The faces and people in it. Show eight face pictures with names. Ask a volunteer to find the scientist. He chooses one name by telling you where ego stop as you scroll down the name list. Voila! He's right! He found the scientist. Four men's faces, four women's faces, eight whole people with career labels, and a name strip. Best of all, it is versatile. You can print double-sided cards, or put large people cards in envelopes with faces. You can use nine kid helpers by having eight hold the face pictures and one who chooses. Or you can use four helpers who hold two cards each. Or you can display the faces and use just one helper to find the scientist. This routine really emphasizes how kids grow up to become adults with jobs and careers. And it is very gender-equal. Only $10 for all routines and art. A compressed file with folder, pdf and jpegs will be sent via email. Usable on Mac or PC.

  Symbol Prints

A very clever and different type of trick. You bring up a helper and show her eight different pieces of science apparatus. She chooses one without telling you which one. You have he place her fingerprints on three plastic slides. You magically expand the slides up to a very large size. When you put all three slides together, the lines of her fingerprints tell everyone in the audience which object she chose. Very different type of effete. It is surprising and magical for the audience to see and you will get tons of credit for being smart. Easy to make and easy to perform. Only $10 for all routines and art. A compressed file with folder, pdf and jpegs will be sent via email. Usable on Mac or PC.

  Fingerprint Sheets for Symbol Prints Trick

Fizz Boom Project #6 requires three pages of art printed on transparent plastic. The artwork and instructions are included with that trick, but some people may not have the capacity to buy the transparency film and print it with their equipment. If you want the ready-made plastic "fingerprint" sheets for Symbol Prints, order them here. Only $10 for three printed plastic sheets, sent via US Mail to your address. Free Shipping included.

  Fizz Trick Trio

Three very strong tricks with magic and a science theme. (plus a bonus routine!) First, you offer to make an atom appear. You not only do that, it multiplies over and over. The audience will be amazed at the long steady, continuous stream of atoms that seems to go on forever. Next, is a routine showing how electricity needs a completed circuit. By using some cheap and easy-to-find props, plus a couple of helpers, you make lights and buzzers go off using people as the electrical conductors. Last, you audience will be on the edge of their seats when you pit a fragile glass o object against gravity. Will the spectators get sprayed with shattering glass, or will science (and magic) prevail? Only $10 for all the instructions, fully illustrated and with sources for where to get all of the materials. A compressed file with pdf will be sent via email. Usable on Mac or PC.

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