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Dragons and Dreams

Geared for children & families!
Emphasis on books and reading!
Lots of audience participation!
Lots of comedy and magic!
Suitable for any setting or audience!
Easy to arrange - just
email or phone 440-937-5488!

Once again, Jim has developed a superior program, a magic show all about fantasy and books and fun! Jim arrives dressed as a wizard and sets up a table full of surprises. He will thrill and excite young readers with fanciful tales of kings and queens, knights and princesses and comical dragons. Each story is a routine with a surprising magical ending.

James Kleefeld - Magical EntertainerJames Kleefeld - Magical Entertainer

In Dragons and Dreams, you will see an errant Knave steal the Queens fresh-baked pies and get tossed in the tower. He magically escapes, but the pies are still missing. Or are they? A magical re-appearance is in order! Jim shows a castle with two doors and a dragon goes in one and out the other vanishing and appearing at will. Just when Jim thinks he has disappeared completely, the children will discover his whereabouts. Parents and kids alike will laugh their heads off as Jim's huge dragon puppet gets tongue-tangled trying to make his first breath of fire. As always, there is a lot of comedy and a lot of audience participation in Jim's show.

To arrange for a program, just click this card or phone Jim.

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Magical Entertainer
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