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New for 2013!

Dig Into Reading Magic Show

Why should YOU have Jim Kleefeld this year?

Because Jim Kleefeld is:

1. DEPENDABLE - Jim is always on time and never misses or cancels a show.
2. REASONABLE - Jim charges a single flat fee - never added mileage or extra fees.
3. PROFESSIONAL - Jim is a veteran kindergarten teacher and child development expert.
4. EDUCATIONAL - Jim is a true bibliophile. He loves books and always promotes reading.
5. EASY FOR YOU - Jim brings everything he needs. Just get a room and bring the audience!
6. ENTERTAINING - Jim writes each show with material to entertain both children and parents.

Easy to arrange - just email or phone 440-937-5488!

Get out the shovels! It's time to Dig Into Reading! Jim's special magic show about books and dirt and tunnels and bulldozers and moles and miners and all kinds of digging is a great fun way to encourage kids to come to the library. Watch as ants tunnel a name into their ant farm. Be amazed when a child magically changes the color of Hard Hat Hoiman's hard hat. Laugh your head off at a silly mole who is a coal miner. Lots of laughs! Lots of fun for kids and their parents. Discover some new and amazing tales and tricks through laughter and reading.

Entice your readers into the library for this program. Click either link below, to see a jpeg image of a poster you can use to advertise Jim Kleefeld's Dig Into Reading Magic Show. When on the page, just send the image to your printer. Be sure to check your printer dialogue box before you push "PRINT." Make sure that you have selected either "landscape" (horizontal) or "portrait" (vertical), depending on which poster you choose. You may also need to adjust the SCALE to make sure the image prints completely. For most printers, somewhere between 97 and 100 percent will work fine.

Print Poster 1 or Poster 2 for this Program.

James Kleefeld - Magical Entertainer

Children Love Jim Kleefeld!

Librarians all over Ohio hire Jim year after year. Why? His show sparkles with laughter, comedy, amazing magic and professionalism. Jim has many years of experience in creating and presenting shows especially for Library Summer Reading Clubs. He is prompt, professional and polished. As a former Kindergarten teacher, Jim really knows young children. He gets them to help, and always treats them kindly and with respect. In addition, Jim's intelligence and wit keep their parents watching and enjoying the show as much as their kids. And, best of all - you won't have to do a thing except invite the audience! Jim's show is 45 minutes and completely self-contained with a professional table, props, equipment, sound system and music. He will arrive early, bring ecerything he needs, and set up quickly. Jim Kleefeld is polite, friendly, warm, experienced, and dependable. In 35 years of performing, he has never missed a show. As always, there is one single reasonable flat fee - nothing extra, not even a mileage fees.

To arrange for a program, just click this card or phone Jim.

Email Jim Kleefeld

Jim Kleefeld
Magical Entertainer
33510 Jennie Road
Avon, Ohio 44011-2042
(440) 937-5488

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