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The Magic of Books

A motivational reading program!!
Geared for all elementary grades!
Emphasis on books and reading!
Lots of audience participation!
Lots of comedy, music and surprise!!
Suitable for any public, parochial or private school setting!
Easy to arrange - just email or phone 440-937-5488!

Once again, Jim Kleefeld presents an all new and all different magic assembly program made especially for elementary school audiences. After closing out his highly successful and acclaimed program from the 2002-2003 school year (Reading Is Magic), he launches another reading assembly program based on literature and book characters for the 2003-2004 school year. In The Magic of Books, Jim will present eight routines that evolve around books and book characters. In one routine, Charlotte the spider will magically spin a web of any color a student chooses. In another, three students will assist in his adaptation of the Lemony Snicket novels. They will portray Klaus, Violet and Sunny, the Baudelaire orphans from "The Bad Beginning." One of them will magically escape being tied up and cut in half. As always, the routines will be light and fun, with a lot of comedy and a lot of audience participation. Because of his vast teaching experience, Jim brings solid educational objectives into his program. Students will hear him discuss concepts of vocabulary building, spelliing correction, fiction vs. non-fiction identification, reading genres, plot and character analysis and reading for information.

Educational Objectives

Routine 1 - The Three Little Pigs: Students will identify plot, characters and setting in a familiar story.

Routine 2 - Rainbow Fish: Students will discover ways to alter and extend a story.

Routine 3 - Charlotte's Web: Students will recall major details of a story.

Routine 4 - The Bookworm: Students will identify several genres of literature.

Routine 5 - A Series of Unfortunate Events: Students will identify characteristics of a book series.

Routine 6 - Bull's Eye Dictionary: Students will understand the alphabetical order of a dictionary.

Routine 7 - Bartholomew and the Oobleck: Students will cite author, plot and characters of a familiar book.

Download a copy of the Teacher's Guide for this Program.

About the Program

One after another, Jim's routines will keep students and teachers fascinated. As always, there is a lot of comedy and a lot of audience participation to help students focus on and remember the objectives and educational content.

Like all of Jim's programs, this is a professionally scripted show, written with proper sequencing for high and low spots to provide children with lots of excitement but prevent them from becoming unruly. Children who are called on to assist are always rewarded and never embarrassed. Teachers and principals always comment on how wonderfully Jim handles children. In addition, Jim adds special humorous touches that just the adults will understand and enjoy.

As always, Jim brings all of his own props and tables, has specially-tailored costuming and carries his own backdrop and "anywhere" sound system. This is an act that can be performed in almost any location, large rooms or small, stage, auditorium, classroom or cafeteria. It can be adjusted to be suitable for groups of from 10 to 250. Schools with larger enrollments should have two programs. Splitting a full-range school into, say, one K-2 program and another for grades 3-5 allows Jim to customize the language, objectives and vocabulary to the different grade levels. When performing for Primary grades, Jim will make the program lighter, faster and more fun. When presenting the same program to Upper Elementary, Jim will use higher vocabulary, and focus more strongly on the objectives and cause and effect.

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